TP Link Router Setting for Indihome WiFi

A few months after subscribing to Indihome 1 Play 10 Mbps, I feel there is less than a router carrying Indihome, when there are devices that use the network to download or stream at full speed, other devices can not connect to the internet network to the maximum. For example, to play online games such as PUBG and Mobile Legend WiFi Indihome feels slow, the ping is large and often lag.

To anticipate it we have to limit the speed of aporisma based on WiFi or claimed also limit bandwidth, but unfortunately the setting was not found in the router setting dish.

We have to buy an additional router that has a dish to set wifi bandwidth, incidentally when one of the e-commerce there is a flash sale router TL-WR840N, after I browse-browsing it turns out this router can be used to regulate WiFi bandwidth.

After I checked out and paid for the router, a few days later came the router that was anticipated, I personally opened the box and I tried to install it, but still upset because the LAN hole behind it is relatively poly and I do not know the settings on the router, after I tried & browsing, finally I managed to install TL-WR840N as an Indihome WiFi router with the following steps. Indihome1 Built-in Router Setting. Sign in to An Indihome Router

Connect your personal computer or phone to a WiFi network, open a browser such as chrome or mozilla. Type

Enter the username & password router indihome, if it has not been changed able to check the username and password below:

Username & Password Admin Router Indihome:

password: Yu9j#4a!rth#y2. Choose a LAN Slot To Use For The Internet

In this term we must choose the LAN slot that will be used for the internet and on connecting to the router TP LINK TL-WR840N.

Go to network > broadband settings > Internet Settings

Look at the LAN Binding menu, check in the desired slot. Here I choose the LAN 3 & LAN 4 slot, remember last select Apply.

Setting TP-LINK TL-WR840N

The choice of LAN slot that we have set earlier is LAN 3 or LAN 4, being a model here I choose LAN 4 on an Indihome router. Connect to the WAN slot (blue) on the TL-WR840N using a LAN cable for example at the bottom.

1. Login to TP LINK TL-WR840N

As always, first connect your personal computer or phone to a WiFi network, open a browser such as chrome or mozilla.

Enter the router username & password, generally found in the manual or try to check at the bottom of the router, generally there is a password sticker on it. Setting WiFi TP-LINK TL-WR840N

> Go to Quick Setup,just select next.

> Operation mode select wireless router, next.

> WAN connection type select Dynamic IP,so that wifi is easy to connect to other devices, next.

> MAC Clone, select No I do not need to clone MAC Address, next.

In the wireless network name box fills the desired wifi name.

Security select WPA2-PSK Fill in the password you want to use.

Check Advance Wireless Setting

Channel Width select 40 Mhz

Select channels that are non-conflicting in more or less you, next.

> will appear a confirmation page as follows.

Thus how to Set Router TP Link for WiFi Indihome hopefully you can practice yourself in the residence, please share if on the taste of useful.

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