Indonesian Microtik Tutorial Collection: Tips on Choosing and Buying Microtic Devices

In determining the product we must be selective and consider aspects of needs. So will the time we will buy a Microtik device. Maybe for those of you who are not so familiar with Mikrotik will be a little confused at choosing which Microtik product is right for our network needs.

In this article will discuss tips on buying the right Microtik device and how to shorten the time in determining a device that is in sync with our needs. The first thing we should do is plan the network in detail , including:As a large network that we will be observed based on the number of clients and also the increase in traffic (real troughput) that will be handled by the device later.On the device that we will use later, it requires only a wireless interface, only an Ethernet interface or both interfaces are used.What functions &features we will use on these devices, functions such as routers, servers and so on are presented in features such as proxies, dhcp, hotspots and so on.

Basically functionally and the features of all types of microticsama devices, according to starting routerboard type devices to using THE PC / MicroBits series (depending on the level license), which distinguishes one device using the other is the hardware specifications where the greater the hardware specifications and the ability to handle users, services or features used and also traffic (real troughpunt) is getting bigger.

From the previous lighting can be taken conclusively that what we need to adjust is the specification and hardware needs, for the needs and specifications of hardware in theory we can group as follows:Hardware with a 300/400 Mhz processor such asRB450, RB750, RB493, & so on can be used for loads of less than 5 Mbps.Hardware using 680/800 Mhz processors such asRB450G, RB433H, RB493G, RB800, and so on can be used to traffic less than 20 MbpsHardware with a 1Ghz processor such as the RB1200 should ideally load less traffic based on100MbpsHardware using 1Ghz dual core processors such asRB 1100AHx2 & RB1100Hx2 ideally for more traffic load according to 100bpsHardware with Multi Core x86processor processors such as MicroBits variant type Aneto, Ainos, & Dinara idelanya for traffic load less than 1GpsHardware with xeon processors such asMikroBits Dinara idelanya for traffic load 10 Gps\

Such are some tips on determining & buying Microtik devices. Hopefully it can be used as a certificate for you to buy Mikrotik.


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