10 Steps to Setting Up TP LINK Router Easily and Simply

TIKTAK.ID – In this TP LINK Router Setting Article we will explain in advance what a Router is. Router is a tool that serves to connect a network, either two or more networks as a result of which several devices can join the network. But for those of you who just have a router earlier, you are certainly confused how to set the TP Link router.

Routers here can put internet connections on all types of devices. TP Link is indeed a brand of Wifi router that has the best quality. In addition, we can get it at an affordable price. This TP Link router has many uses and is very helpful in workplace and home operations.

For those of you who have installed TP Link on your home, of course, have felt the benefits of TP Link. In addition, monthly calculations will be more efficient than using their respective smartphone quotas.

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Especially in one house there are very many devices, if you buy a quota for per device of course your finances will break. Here’s How to Set Up A Simple TP LINK Router

TP Link is a company that provides a variety of wifi network senses that have reached 170 countries globally. The manufacturer of TP Link was based on China. You can also get it easily in the area where you live.

Routers you can use for access points and repeaters, which function on restoring lost signals, especially in rooms that are difficult to catch the network earlier.

When you buy generally equipped with 3 antennas, 1 manual manual, LAN cable, and power adapter. Actually from the playbook has been accompanied by pictures and how, as a result you can overcome the difficulty of setting the router TP LINK wr804n.

In addition, there is a reset button that you can use if there is an error in setting the Router TP Link. For those of you who are still bothered about how to cut the router, see this way. Setting up a router

Before making the adjustment, you prepare your router in advance so that it is easy to follow the steps or how to set the following TP Link router.

You turn on the router & connect the router power cable at the connection stop. input another jack into the power input contained in the back.

2. Connect Modem Using Cable

Next you insert one of the cables into the WAN or internet port. In general, it has a blue or gray hue.

In addition, you also add the other cable to the Ethernet port or LAN that is yellow. You should make sure first so that the position is not changed. This is so that the modem device can be recognized by the router.

three. Connecting your PC or Laptop with a Router

You connect the cable to the LAN port of the computer and the router. But keep in mind, try not to use the Wifi connection from the router during the install process. This is so that the permanent connection is stable and smooth.

The first step you do is enter the web address in the address bar. Type http://linkwifi.net. In addition to the site address, you can also use an IP address that is

After the TP-LINK page appears, you are asked to enter a username & password. The default username generally uses the term ‘admin’.

In addition, you can open the manual to make sure the username &password is valid.  Then you click LOGIN.

6. List Data and Configuration

Next you add data or configuration from the internet provider. You also make sure all indicator lights are on as they should be.

7. Change Network Naming

How to set the router TP Link, you can change the name of the network using pressing or clicking Wireless two.4 GHz, then you choose Wireless Setting. You change the name to a name that you like & as proof of yourself to be more easily visible to you.

For the record, TP-Link routers still have several modes that require an advance serving click that is then able to press the Wireless sub dish. You can proceed to Wireless Settings to rename.

Change the version that is located before the password input. You select WPA2-PSK. While make another example router can be done by selecting security and then click Version. Just like the above by choosing WPA /WPA-2 Personal and WPA2-PSK.

9. Change Password Or Password

Create a new password by typing in the Wireless password field and then you save your password.

10. Connect Device to Router

First you make sure your router is on. How to set up a TP Link router, you can personally connect your device to the router network that is using how to connect to primary Wifi.

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Tips for Setting Up TP LINK Routers Using Smartphones

Setting the router can also be done using your phone or smartphone. But you also have to know the right way for the process to succeed.

The development & advancement of TP LINK this time also puts the ease to the user in editing the router easily. Because in this sophisticated era of time we can get conveniences in everything.

But what you need to know, using HP must have a special implementation to edit. The application that can be used is TP-Link Tether.

Check out how to set up a TP Link router using the following HP.Connect your phone to a router networkThen you open the TP LINK Tether appThen you click in the image of the router at the bottom of the LOcal Devices menu.You enter the latest password according to your wishes. Fill your password into the confirm columnYou select the type of internet connection in the Quick Setup menu. If you are confused about what the right settings are used then you just look at the ISP.Change your Network Name and password and you click Next.You can check it again if it is valid that you do and then you click Save.You wait for the process to be complete for a while.Last step, you click finish

Well, using HP is easier isn’t it. You can try it personally by practicing this method.

Multiple RouterS TP Link and Its PriceTP Link TL-MR3020 Portable Wireless Router: is a portable router device that you can use side by side using a USB modem. In addition, it only requires 5 volts of power with a speed of 150 Mbps with a price range of 210 thousand rupiah only. How to set the router TP Link is also easy.TP Link WR840N 300Mbps: is a formation router between wired and wireless networks. Of course, it is perfect for your needs and business. This router is complete with WPS features that can secure your network. The price of the bandrol is around 155 thousand rupiah.TP Link TL WR945N Wireless N Router: is a type of router using a faster and more stable Wifi network. The router has a speed of 450 Mbps on the network of 2.4 GHz. The price of the router is around 300 thousand rupiah.TP Link TL MR3420 White Wireless N Router: is a portable router that serves to make a good internet connection with wireless or UTP cable. The transmission speed is 300 Mbps using 1 USB 2.0 port & 4 LAN cable plugs. This router is complete with a failover feature that is if one of the connections is disconnected, it will switch to backup mode. The price of this router is around 300 thousand rupiah.

Well, that’s how the router settings TP Link & such as TP Link that you can know. You can choose and practice personally so that your router works well, later we will explain how to set the router tp link so access point.

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