Things to Consider in Choosing a Portable Wireless Router • Jagat Review

Number of Devices to Connect

Portable wireless routers can usually only handle a limited number of wireless network connections, for example to 2 other devices, five devices, 8 devices, 10 devices, or more according to it. It’s a good thing to first take into account how many devices you have that you will connect to the Internet through a portable wireless router before making a purchase. Or, if you often meet other people in a place that does not have free Internet access, you can also consider who understands who understood the person needed Internet access according to the portable wireless router you have as well.

As additional coverage, the homogenous-average device on the market at this time shows a minimum of connections to five other devices. This amount may be sufficient for the direct use of most Internet users in Indonesia. However, there is no harm in choosing a portable wireless router using the ability to handle more poly connections, as long as the price offered still goes into the funds you have provided. Bundling the Internet on a Sales Package One of the bundling packages we’ve tested.

Based on our observations, some portable wireless router generators sell their products in shared Internet packages using mobile operators in Indonesia. Packages commonly called bundling were generally relatively attractive, because users only need to pay for packages offered using prices below the selling price of packages in general. You can try glancing at the packages before deciding which portable wireless router you will buy.

For portable wireless router devices on the bundling package, you can also find information whether the existing device is locked or unlocked. Bundling packages with portable wireless router unlocked will provide their own profit, for example you are able to use the monthly quota of available Internet packages before switching to the package you buy. It can only reduce the need to purchase your monthly Internet package because your Internet needs have been partially met from the existing bundling package. New Products (Expensive) vs. Old Products (Cheap)

One interesting thing we found when trying to see a variety of portable wireless router products available in many stores in Indonesia, the old portable wireless router products were still poly for sale! Sometimes, for these outdated products, the price offered by the store is very tempting. The store usually “slams” the price of old products so that they can still be sold. Pull? Honestly, we have to answer it using: YES! However, there are some things that you must pay attention to first and adjust to the needs that exist before buying the outdated product earlier:Wireless Network Standard: Obsolete portable wireless router devices can only support obsolete wireless network standards, such as 802.11b or 802.11g. That would be a problem if poly users transfer data between devices connected to portable wireless routers because the speed is very low, far below the commonly used 802.11n standard, or even the 802.11ac that poly is used for. For these needs, we recommend that you determine a new product with a standard of 802.11n or 802.11ac to meet your needs. However, if you do not transfer data too often between devices, outdated products are still worth choosing, considering that the wireless network bandwidth it has is still above the 3G speeds found in Indonesia, so it should be sufficient for standard needs for internet connection.Mobile Network Standards: Mobile network standards should also be considered when choosing an old product. Based on our observations, old products sold usually still use the old standard with a maximum speed of five.67 Mbps. The speed was below the promise of mobile operators in Indonesia who on average have promised speeds of “up to” 21.6 Mbps for their Internet. In general, speeds of 21.6 Mbps are difficult, or even impossible to achieve on the current terms of the Indonesian Internet. That makes the old portable wireless router product still able to be said to be worth using this time, especially if the user is more concerned with the connection to the Internet, not the connection speed. However, if you feel the provider used can use a stable put the speed above five.67 Mbps, you want to not want to have to choose a new output product to feel the “high” speed provided by the provider.

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