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Kuotabro.com – Some of us must have been relatively familiar with the senses called Wireless Router. But it seems that there are still many who do not know the meaning of Wireless Router, its types and how this sense works.

For that, on this occasion we will show you information about what is a Wireless Router and some of the best Wireless Router recommendations that you can choose.

Just take a look at the full discussion below. Definition of Wireless Router

What is a wireless router? Wireless router is a network device that serves to connect several networks or networks, both the same network is also on the same network.

Each router itself has several types of models that can be adjusted using the needs of its users.

Simply put, routers become a tool used in sending data packets on the network to exclusive destinations. While the process of sending data was called routing where the process occurs in IP or Internet Protocol.

Referring to the understanding of the router earlier, as a result this tool can connect more based on one network as a result can pass data to other networks.

Some people may think of a router as the same as the Switch, but actually the two are not the same. Switches are used to connect the senses and form LANs. While on most routers are needed for IP-based networks as a result more poly which calls it an IP router.

Wireless Router certainly has poly benefits because of its ability to detect facts to be transmitted.

This component in some companies is also used to connect LANs to DSL communication services.

Routers are very profitable because routers have the ability to detect the news to be sent, whether the data was intended to a host that is on one network or in a host that is on an out-of-sync network. Routers in some companies are also used to connect LANs to DSL communication services. Function – Wireless Router Function

As one of the origins of the internet network, of course Wireless Router has several functions. Here are some of the functions of a wireless router:The primary function of a wireless router is to connect multiple networks to talk about dat based on one network to another. But the router is not in sync using the Switch, if the Switch is only to connect some computers & build a LAN, then the wireless router is used to connect between one LAN using another.Routers have the function to transmit information according to one network to another, such as bridge.Routers serve to connect a local network to a DSL connection, as a result it is often also considered a DSL router.How Wireless Routers Work

How does a wireless router work? As explained in the main function of the router is to transmit packets (information), as a result the router has routing capabilities which means it can intelligently know where the route of travel coverage will be missed.

When the packets are intended to host on another network, the router will forward them to the network.

So vice versa if the package was intended for a host that is only one network, then the wireless router will block the packets out.

To make it easier to understand, here’s an overview of how wireless routers work: Types – Types of Wireless Routers

As for the following are some types of Wireless Routers that you should know: Application Routers

Router implementation is an implementation or event installed on a personal computer operating system, so that the application will later work like a router tool. For example WinProxy, WinGate, SpyGate, WinRoute, etc. Hardware Router

A hardware router is a hardware component that has the ability like a router, so using this hardware component then you can divide the IP address. Usually this type of router is used to divide the internet network in a region, as found in routers used as access points. While for willayah who get internet access is considered Hot Spot Area.Router PC

A PC router is a computer that has been modified in such a way as a result that it can be used as a router. To create this type of router does not have to use a high-spec computer. Personal computer devices that are used as routers must be installed with a specific operating system for the router. Currently the most popular is Mikrotik.Tips on Choosing a Wireless Router

Before you buy a wireless router device, we have some tips that you should consider before buying a router.

The following are some things that should be your consideration when determining the wireless router: Pay attention to the frequency band used

The frequency band contained in each wireless router has a difference in each product. The generic frequency used today is two.4 Ghz & five Ghz band. In the band 2.4 GHz is not easily affected by the rintangam, but this frequency often occurs communication interference. For those who live in the city center, it seems less suitable to use this band.

While in the 5 GHz band the advantage is that radio interference almost never occurs and communication network barriers can not be avoided. Wireless router products that use this frequency are highly recommended. Pay attention to the communication speed function

When you use a wireless router, connection speed is a top priority. It is recommended that you use a wireless communication standard router 11ac or above because it has a fast connection. Choosing the right installation location

Another crucial consideration when choosing a wireless router is choosing the right installation location. Similar to using the frequency band, the selected point in the installation of a wireless router will also hypnotize the internet connection. Make sure you make the right location as a result of performance according to the router you use as much as possible.

In the installation or installation of wireless routers can be installed with methods that are not aligned. For example, using to install it in a vertical, horizontal position or using affixed to the wall. So in this case, you can consider a wireless router product that suits the installation location later. It is recommended to use a router that is easy to move so that you can adjust to the strength of the internet connection. Use of external antennas

If needed, then you are able to use an external antenna. Because this type of antenna can adjust the direction of frequency waves as a result of being able to make the internet connection more stable. Consider using built-in type flyware, which is the connection’s ability to split in all directions. Sehigga suitable for connecting with tools in the room such as smartphones / computers. Adjust using parent unit specifications & slave units

Although here you use a wireless router type 11ac, but the device that will be connected (smartphone, computer, handset terminal, etc.) is not comptibel using this type then later the speed will be lowered automatically. So if you plan to buy a wireless router, then consider the specifications of the terminal used. Consider a very crucial USB port as NAS

If the router is equipped using a USB port, then you can use it as a simple NAS or Network Attached Storage). NAS is an external storage device that connects to a network and is used to disseminate files by connecting them to an external HDD. In this case, wireless routers use USB port support, it is not only useful for connection transfer, but also data transfer. Best Wireless Router Recommendations

Given the need for an internet connection is currently relatively high, so it is not surprising that wireless routers become an alternative error to provide internet network.

For those of you who plan to buy a wireless router in the near future, maybe some of the best router recommendations you can consider: Netgear DGN1000

Internetan is conducive to families in residence using netgear router DGN1000. This router model is quite recommended to be installed in the residence because it has been equipped with parental control features to block the implementation or websites that are not suitable for children.

By using this router, you can manage it through a web browser and then all devices connected to this router automatically can not access certain websites.

One of the advantages of this router is that it has an access speed of 150 Mbps (Router 801.11 N) and can connect up to 32 devices at once. Huawei B310

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