Which Is Better, Internetan Use Wifi Router or USB Modem?

In the era of technology with fast internet access forces us to use WiFi Routers for good use and network distribution.

The internet has become commonplace today. Many people use the internet in many ways. If in the past most people go home to the internet café, now it can be through mobile phones.

If you often work using a laptop, then it is very common to know the internet using a USB modem & Wifi router. This time, I will compare more delicious where the hell actually internet using a Wifi router or USB modem.

One of the advantages according to a WiFi router is that the connection tends to be more stable. This is because wifi router is used for cable connections. Another advantage is more comfortable because it is not afraid to be nudged by the hand while using a laptop.

If the USB modem is more easily hot and affects the laptop so hot as well. Another case uses this type of modem, because you will not find it. In terms of price, the price of WiFi routers is also as cheap as a USB modem. Some are even cheaper based on USB modems.

There are several advantages based on USB modem internet devices. When compared to using a Wi-Fi router, a USB modem is more flexible to take a trip. You’ll sporadically find people carrying routers everywhere, right?

The price of a USB modem also ranges from 200 thousand to 500 thousand only. Unlike the price of Wifi routers, there are up to 18 million. To receive a good Wi-Fi Router at least you have to spend 300 thousand.

Wi-Fi routers have the disadvantage of being less flexible if you are often mobile outside the home. In terms of configuration, this Wifi router is relatively difficult to do except by people who know technically the use of the router. Different from using a USB modem that just plugs and installs the driver software, exclusively able to be used.

Another drawback is the price of a home internet subscription that tends to be more expensive according to buying an internet package installed in a USB modem. For the cheapest home internet package today is still around the number 300 thousand. However, if you use a USB modem, you can save only 60 thousand a month.

The thing that feels most when I use a USB modem is often hot. For 1 to two hours of use alone has made this USB modem hot. Moreover, generally when the USB modem is hot, the laptop is also consumed with heat. Well, if it is hot like this, generally the internet connection obtained decreases. To increase the internet speed again it is mandatory to cool the USB modem first.

Even when I was still using a USB modem, I put my USB modem into the refrigerator so that it cooled quickly and immediately can be used. Funny indeed. But this is effective in making the USB modem cool immediately.

In terms of internet speed, my experience using a USB modem is only up to 1 MBps. Different from using WiFirouter, aporisma speed can touch the number 5 MBps.

Although it actually depends on the subscription of the home internet package you choose. Not only that, the lack of using a USB modem generally has a quota. If you choose the unlimited package, the internet speed is terrible.

That’s the advantages & disadvantages based on using a USB modem & Wi-fi router. I exclusively prefer to use a Wi-Fi router. After all, the price of Wifi routers is also affordable, it can even be “free”. Free here means you do not need to buy a Wifi router, because this model is rented by the home internet provider.

In addition, what makes me happy to use a Wifi router connection is because the connection is more stable and tends to be without quotas.

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