Choose a wifi router priced below 200 thousand

Note yes, this wifi router will be used for internet needs where the stairs live with the number of devices connected simultaneously to five units and bandwidth passed approximately five mb. And the picture above is just a sweetener.

If we have just known a wifi router, or have worn the internet over wifi, then surely one day we have to buy a new router. The desire to upgrade or upgrade a built-in router is generally the reason someone needs a new router.

If the limit on purchasing our router decides to use a price range below 200 thousand, then the election will fall on the 301 tent router, netis W1 300 mbps. If you ask if only 2 routers are worth under 200 thousand, of course not. Poly is a choice based on both brands or other brands. And ultimately it just makes you more decisive. Reasons why you should determine net W1

Netis W1 has a beautiful signal range, this router is also a refinement of the previous netis router that has flaws in its wireles. If in the previous model wireless netis is not infrequently unable to be used to access the internet, not all routers and with a little settings then the wireless can be used again.

And in netis W1 complaints for example it has not been found anymore, a little more that arises is the quality of connectivity that decreases if there are devices that access the router there is a thick barrier. Reasons to choose Tenda n 301 router

Popular tent routers use the ease of configuration, although there is no special implementation for the configuration of this tent router, the web display is quite easy to understand even though it is accessed using a Smartphone.

The features of the router are easy to understand although for beginners when compared to using netis W1, while for the quality of the tent signal n 301 is enough if it is used in a room that is not too big and of course with user restrictions such as the above.

From this brief description, it can give an idea if you have plans to buy a new router.

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