How to Choose a LAN cable for commercial or individual –

LAN cable or network cable must be crucial in the construction of a network in one room, such as office space, server, studio, even make a direct room.

But using the development of technology, especially computer networks, makes it a little difficult to choose the LAN cable to be used.

If you are a Network Engineering, of course this is not something difficult, but for ordinary people will fret about determining the cable to be used.

Before determining the cable to be used first you know first the type according to lan cable. Types of Network Cables

The network cable itself has the type & also the advantages of each synchronous user needs in the use of the network cable itself. Currently there are still several types of LAN cables that are generically used, among others, namely. LAN Cable ImagesPaint five

Ethernet Cat five stands for category five, the most widely used network cable for individuals and commercials.

Cat five cables can accommodate speeds of up to 100Mbps when transferring data, exclusively via LAN Card or using Switch or hub.Cat 5E

Ethernet Cat 5E, slightly not the same using its sister namely paint 5, 5E paint cable can accommodate speeds of up to 1Gbps, so the data transfer speed as faster.

But Cat 5E is usually devoted to outdoor use because the cable is thicker and there are still strings for anti-lightning resistors.Cat 6

Cat 6 cable has its own differences with the previous type. Especially in its RJ45 connector.

If in Cat5 you are able to use 1 connector for each end of the cable, but specifically Cat6 has connectors that are not aligned, and different tools in the installation of connectors although in the end still used in Ethernet Ports.Cat 6 A

Similar to Cat 5E, Cat 6A is intended for outdoor conditions that may often be exposed to extreme weather.

Cat 6 and Cat 6A also have different connectors, because the cable size is not the same so Cat 6A is required to use a special connector for it. Choosing the right type of cable according to field conditions

Once you know the type of UTP cable or LAN cable (UTP cable function), the use of cable type must be synchronized using the conditions on the field that you are working on.Office or home needs

For office purposes you can use Cat 5E cables to save money, but permanently get an aporisma speed of 1Gbps.

But if porto is cut again you can still use paint cable 5, which may be a condition of not too much data transfer between the computer and also the server or client.Server

Especially for servers, there is no tolerance in cable selection. Server is the location where the entire data transfer process runs, as a result if you use cable using maximum speed then your work and business processes will also be disrupted.RadioLink

Radio link is where the process of expanding the network using a specific signal, which uses a device above the tower so that to connect it must use a cable that is validly awesome, and resistant to weather for the long term so that there is no frequent interference.

For radiolink purposes it’s a good idea to use Cat 6A type cable because the quality of cable is very good in extreme weather though, but if you have a limited budget you can still use Cat 5E specifically Outdoor.High-speed Internet Router

Currently in Indonesia there are internet service providers that have speeds up to 1Gbps. To enjoy the internet service to the maximum, must use a network cable that of course also supports the speed provided.

Of course, the solution is a minimum using Cat 5E cable, so that the speed of 1Gbps can remain felt, of course, to receive a maximum output still using paint cable 6.

Each type of cable has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you choose the LAN cable to be used.

So according to that, be careful on the selection of cables to be used, because it can suggest every job that uses the network.

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