How to Choose a Router to Make the Internet Connection Smooth

WARGASIPIL.COM – This time internet connection is just as important as the use of smart phones. Without the internet, your smart phone feels boring. Because you can say, the internet connection is what makes your smartphone ‘live’.

Of course, it will be very annoying if the internet connection is disrupted, for example being slow or slow. Actually, the cause of the slow internet is not a single but poly factor.

Starting from internet infrastructure, network interference, data usage, high traffic, device selection factors & device damage, the presence of disruptive factors in the room & others.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose a network device that will connect you to internet services. Here are some tips on determining the perfect router, for example quoted based on the TP-Link press release, Sunday (07/12/2020).

First, in order for its use to be sufficient, take into account the amount of bandwidth available with the number of devices that will use the bandwidth earlier. The low speed of internet access according to internet service providers (ISPs) is not comparable to the number of connected devices.

For example, the use of a 10 mbps internet package divided into 10 devices where in theory each device will get an internet speed of 1 Mbps. This is crucial to ensure there is no bottleneck that causes not optimal bandwidth distribution from ISP to gateway.

Choose a router device that supports dual band two.4 GHz and 5GHz for more aporisma performance. This will affect performance considering that poly devices now support dual bands.

Next, learn the optimal router placement topology. Because, wireless is emitted through electromagnetic waves through the air then physical obstruction with a certain density level will weaken the level of signal strength so that the device laying factor must be considered.

The basic rule is to ensure that the system is placed in the middle of the room with a position at a relative height in order to create a line of sight condition between the transmitter using the receiving device without any physical obstacles.

Customize using user activity

Actually, the reference in choosing a router is internet activities not the number of users. For example, light online activities such as browsing, playing social media, downloading & chatting can use an entry level router.

But if online needs such as online gaming &streaming connected have been above the value of 10 to a maximum of 20, then it is advisable to use a mid-high router device that has dual band capabilities.

For users using a small area can use a basic / entry class router by paying attention to the limit of the number of users and access speeds owned. For a large enough area using thick walls can use a high power router. It all comes down to the user’s needs. (*)

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