2 Ways to Set TP Link on HP and PC Easily

TP Link is one of the most well-known and poly computer personal network hardware errors used to date.

If you have just purchased a TP Link router device, maybe you will feel angry how to set the device earlier.

But quiet, here TheLastSurvivors has prepared a way to set TP Link completely both through HP devices and PCs.Setting TP-Link on HPSetting TP-Link on PCHow to Set TP-Link on HP

You can easily edit the TP Link router just by using HP only, both Android and iPhone.

In order to be able to set up TP Link through HP, you must first install an application called TP-Link Tether.

But before doing so, here are some things that you must prepare:Router TP LinkSSID & Password built-in WiFi Router network (you can find it under the router)Username & Password admin to access the router (you can get at the bottom of the router)

Here are the steps to set TP Link via HP Android or iPhone:

Step 1: Download the TP-Link Tether app via google play store (Android) or app store (iOS).

Step 2: Connect hp to the TP Link router’s WiFi network.

Step 3: Open the implementation of TP-Link Tether that you have downloaded.

Step 4: Create an email account, and then verify.

Step five: Sign in to the account, then search &select Your Router .

Step 6: Select the Internet Connection Type option in the Quick Setup dish. It’s best to choose Dynamic IP.

Step 7: In the Wireless Settings section, Change the Network Name and Password options to change the wifi network name and password.

Step 8: Double-check if the news you’ve added is correct. Click Save to save it.

Step 9: Wait until the setup storage process is complete.

Step 10: Click Finish to complete the TP Link settings.

After you do the steps above, if you change the name and password of WiFi, then please connect the phone home using the new WiFi network. How to Set Up TP Link Router on PC

In addition to hp, you can also set up a new TP Link router device through a computer or laptop.

Unlike doing it on HP, where you must install the implementation of TP-Link Tether first. Setting TP Link on a PC doesn’t require any applications.

For more details, please follow each step below:Turn on TP-LinkConnect TP-Link to Main RouterConnect your PC to TP-LinkOpen IP Router TP-LinkSign in using Admin AccessRename WiFiSet WiFi PasswordConnect Device to TP-Link WiFi1. Turn on TP Link

First, please connect your TP Link router power cable to the outlet, do not forget to insert a Jack into the back of the router.

Like the type of TP Link you have a power button, please press the button to turn on the router. But if there is no power button, automatically TP Link will turn on. Connect TP Link with Main Router

Next, connect the TP Link to the main modem. On TP Link, please insert a LAN cable into an Internet port or WAN, generally a separate position & blue or gray.

Then, connect the other end of the cable to a LAN or Ethernet port, generally available about 4 ports and has a yellow color.

Once connected, generally the indicator lights contained on the 2 routers will blink.

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The next stage is to connect the PC to the TP Link router earlier.

You can connect it via a LAN cable connected to the LAN Port on the TP Link and on the personal computer. Or if you use a laptop, you can determine to connect it over a WiFi network.

For SSID & Default WiFi password you can see at the bottom of your TP Link modem. Open IP Router TP Link

After successfully connecting to the TP Link router, next please access the IP Router through the web browser. How, open the web browser then visit the tplinkwifi.net or type the ROUTER IP address in the address bar.

The IP address of the router you can see at the bottom of the TP Link. Usually by default the IP Address TP Link is

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In the fifth step, there will be a page to login, please login using Admin access so that you can make in-depth settings.

You can receive the username and login password under the TP Link router or in the cardboard TP Link that you have. Usually the username and password are admin and admin. Rename WiFi

Here you can change the name of WiFi earlier through the Advanced > Wireless > Wireless Settings dish.

Next, please change the Network Name or SSID using the new WiFi name you want. In addition, you can also hide the WiFi network earlier by specifying the Hide SSID option.

Note: In some types of TP Links there is a slight difference in menu. To rename WiFi you need to open the Wireless > Basic Settings option. Then change the name of the WiFi SSID. 7. Set WiFi Password

Next, please change the WiFi password in the Security section.First, please select WPA/WPA2, then in the Version section, select the WPA2-PSK option.After that add a new password in the Wireless Password section.8. Connect Device to New WiFi TP Link

When you’re done, save the settings, then you’ll automatically disconnect using the WiFi network (not applicable if you use a LAN cable).

But silence! All you have to do here is connect your device to the new WiFi network that you have set up its SSID & Password.

By setting the TP Link above, now your TP Link router has successfully connected to the main modem & ready to use. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comments section!

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