Must Know, This Is the Difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, Jakarta: Did you know that wifi frequency is not the same & has its own class? WiFi signals used in general until now are divided into 2 classes, namely 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both have different characteristics and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before going any further, please note if the WiFi frequency receiver device must also be similar to using its transmitter. So devices that are only able to get a 2.4GHz signal will not be able to get a signal based on a 5GHz WiFi router. This you need to know first so as not to error in determining the router. Return to structured sharing of WiFi signals. According to an official article released by router maker Linksys, signals with 5GHz or Wireless-A frequencies are able to have the same maximum bandwidth using two.4GHz WiFi, which is 54 Mbps. So it is not valid if a 5GHz router can provide faster bandwidth than a 2.4GHz router.

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Then what’s the difference? Types of environments and requirements on more or less routers that will greatly affect the use of appropriate frequencies. The first factor that distinguishes the two frequencies is signal interference. 5GHz frequencies have fewer signal interference rates according to the 2.4GHz frequency. This is because other signals such as Bluetooth and microwave waves have similar frequencies. Most routers in the market also still use a frequency of 2.4GHz as a result of the possibility of frequency to clash even greater. 

WiFi usage scenario (image: Linksys)

The second factor is the scope of the signal. 5GHz frequencies have a signal scope with a shorter distance based on the frequency of 2.4GHz. In other words, a 2.4GHz WiFi router has a wider signal range than a 5GHz router. The last factor is the usage scenario. 5GHz frequencies have a wider spectrum of signals and do not have much interference, as a result they are particularly suitable for scenarios that require large bandwidth, such as streaming movies, playing games, or transferring files. Conversely, the two.4GHz frequency is suitable for use in browsing or opening email scenarios. How to determine the perfect router? As explained earlier, the two,4GHz and 5GHz frequencies have misaligned characteristics and their use depends on your needs and conditions. If upset, you can use a router with dual band features or have two frequencies at once, as a result of which it is able to cover all your usage scenarios. For details, please read one of our reviews at this link:


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