3 Tips for Choosing a Router for Wireless Networks

Jakarta – Building a wireless network can be said to be difficult easy. But permanently, if built without a precise strategy, the results obtained can not be aporisma. Including for the business of choosing a router.

Building a network without wires is believed to be easy because this time there are many choices of devices on the market. The capabilities of many of these devices also show compound capabilities, it just depends on which one you choose.

While it is said to be difficult because creating a wireless network does not originate in determining & installed existing devices. There are also a number of things to consider, here are 3 of them as revealed by Boon Ping Tang, Regional Sales Director Asia cisco Consumer Business Group.

When determining a router, make sure that the accompanying software is easy to use. This is the main factor you should consider.

Difficulties that generally still exist in previous router products are users must know the term technique & know the perfect use of protocols & administrative subnet masks according to the provider. No longer! Good software should hide all the complexities you face and use words that the layman can understand.

You just have to click a few times, follow a few simple instructions &complete everything using easy.

Some products even come with parental control, which allows you to manage the time and how children can access the Internet according to your PC, laptop or tablet.

You can specify ‘Date and Time’, set when accessing to the internet (online) every day, & determine ‘Sites’ as a result can limit websites that can not be visited.

Routers are a necessity to ensure you get the best video streaming experience, range and speed at home and guarantee a secure connection.

For example, when your laptop &iPad is streaming video according to YouTube at the same time, you’ll find intermittent videos if you use a low-quality router that can’t support streaming video, even if you subscribe to high-speed broadband Internet.

Don’t ignore the router as an obstacle! There is a difference between using a low quality router with a high quality router, and the same for example using a single band router using a dual band router.

Buy the best because your wireless router will be the ‘brain’ as well as the ‘machine’ that controls all WiFi devices in the residence.

Like your laptop, phone, bag, or shoes, no one wants to buy a bad product. Your device must be in sync using the home environment, especially being crucial for devices that can be viewed.

The latest development based on the design without antennas is able to present an attractive look, without sacrificing sophisticated functionality. The sophistication of the technology allows the internal antenna, which is virtually smaller in drag and visually sweeter.

Just like a mobile phone that used to have an external antenna, now you can’t find it anymore because it’s hidden in it, so it presents a graceful design.

Similarly, using a router, with the sophistication of technology, even with a hidden antenna, the performance of the router was able to bring the required speed and range.

Moreover, today’s routers also have innovative designs so that consumers are happier to display in the environment where they live.

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