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Currently, the presence of a qualified internet network at home has become increasingly difficult to bargain. The house is no longer a tired loka, but also the center of all daily activities.

But, before determining the router, it’s a good thing to know the types of routers that are currently available in the market. Currently, there are still two types of routers, namely single band and dual band.

A single band router is a router that only uses one frequency that is two.4 GHz. While dual band routers use 2 frequencies, namely 2.4 GHz and 5GHz at once so that the performance is much better.

The use of multi bands also makes routers more efficient. Because, if single bands are generally relative to light activities such as browsing browsers, sending emails, & others, then dual band can facilitate users racing using HD video streaming and downloading content using high speed.

Routers with dual bands can also be friends of gamers. Because, able to present high-resolution audio visuals.

Dual band routers offer two frequency alternatives: 2.4Ghz & 5GHz. This means that the device will automatically connect to the 5GHz frequency when the load in the 2.4GHz frequency line increases.

Increased load generally occurs, when more poly connected devices use Wi-Fi networks or perform heavy online activities such as streaming HD video or playing online games. Usually, dual band routers, do have a higher price than the price of a single band router.

But the Archer C24 AC750 DualBand Wi-Fi Router according to TP Link, can be an option. Because the dual band router is offered at a price of Rp 200,000s. “Archer C24 AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router is a dual band router with full features & affordable to meet daily online needs,” said Marketing Manager TP-Link Indonesia, Yoshia.

According to him, this device, can be utilized to stream HD video & download content with speeds up to 433 Mbps (5GHz) & 300 Mbps (two.4GHz). In addition, there are also four antennas that provide stable Wi-Fi with wide range and reliable connections, support browsing without buffers and downloading without constraints.

For parents, this router is also equipped with parental controls to monitor and control children’s internet usage. There is also a guest network that provides separate access for visiting guests and increases the security of the host network.

Look at security

The intensity of digital activity during a pandemic continues to get higher. This creates a cybersecurity threat that feels more real.

Based on a global study of 15 thousand people conducted by Kaspersky, currently, almost 1/4 of cyber people always put it to applications and services to access their microphones or webcams. However, this trend turns out to be accompanied by a fairly high security enlightenment against the dangers of webcams holistically.

Nearly six in ten respondents were concerned that one could watch them via webcam unnoticed. This suggests it’s possible that more people will now aggressively protect their technology in the future as they begin to follow the circumstances of using remote work and collaborative implementation roles.

“Of course, poly people who do not personally know the security protocols related to using webcams & cybersecurity processes. However, what we are observing now is a positive trend that is powered by increased enlightenment around online security and potential threats,” said Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

We hope that increasing cybersecurity awareness will be supported by the basic development of security.

This, he continued, can be viewed in more proactive consumer consduite such as reaching into precautions and investigating before putting access to videos and microphones. “We hope that increasing cybersecurity awareness will be supported by basic security training organized by businesses for their employees. Especially because audio & video devices are now poly used for remote work,” he said.

Over the past year, reliance on video conferencing has resulted in great growth in applications such as Microsoft Teams, which as of June 2020 grew by 894 percent, compared to usage in February 2020. This has also resulted in a shortage of webcam supplies in almost all globally with many leading suppliers seeing a rapid increase in demand.

This tool also serves as an enrichment and facilitator of everyone’s digital transition. According to Kaspersky research, 27 percent of people aged 25-34 always allow access to webcam devices.

The best way to balance vigilance while utilizing the latest means of communication, is to use careful consideration. For example, if the implementation of a video call has camera permission, service users can consider it a reasonable request.

But if there is an implementation without a relevant function requesting access to the microphone for no justifiable reason, it may be better to look & learn more. To further ensure the security of the devices we use to perform digital activities, there is no harm in also using a simple webcam cover to put a feeling of calm and comfort when the device is not used.

Awareness around online security and potential threats continues to increase.

Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky. 

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