Routers are: Functions, How They Work, Types of Routers

What does it mean to use a router? Router is a hardware in a computer network that serves to connect several networks, both the same network and networks that are not aligned according to the technology side.

There is also a revealing that the notion of a router is a personal computer network hardware that serves to send data packets over the network or the internet from one computer device to another, where the process was claimed by routing.

Each router has a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol) facility that can be set in such a way that it can divide the IP address. In addition, on the router there is still NAT (Network Address Translator) which is a facility that allows an IP address or internet connection can be shared to another IP address.

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Referring to the description of the router above, the main function of each router is to connect 2 or more networks in order to distribute data packets from one network to another.

In full, some of the functions of the router are the following:

1. Routers serve to connect multiple networks as a result of which users can send data packets according to one network to other networks. The connection process is to use the distribution of IP addresses on every personal computer on the network, either inactively or with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol).

two. The next function of the router is to transmit information or data from one network to another network where the system works such as a bridge .

three. Another function of the router is to connect a local network with a DSL (Digital subscriber line) connection or better known as DSL router.

Router technology is now more sophisticated, where the use of nir only by using a LAN cable connection, but also with wireless technology. That way, a router can connect to all computer devices, laptops, and other gadgets that are still within the range of the router.

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As explained in the router sense above, the function of the router is to connect several networks and facilitate transmission between those networks. In this case, the router requires at least two network cards or NICs (Network Interface Car) installed on each network.

The following is an example of an image where there are 2 networks connected by a router. Basic Routing – Connecting two networks with a router

In the picture above there are 2 networks using one router that is very simple and easy to configure. For a large and complex network, of course, the arrangements will be not aligned and more complicated.

As a model, for example, we want to connect three networks so we can connect them in two out-of-sync ways, namely:Connect it in a chain by using 2 routers. Connect them personally to each other by using three routers.

Look at the following picture; Connects three networks with multiple routers

In configuration 1, if one of the routers (router A or router B) is problematic then network data based on subnet A will not be able to be sent to subnet C because there is only one path.

In configuration two, when given an additional router between subnet A & subnet C then there will still be two routes to subnet C as a result the network will be as more efficient.

Each router will choose the fastest path on sending data according to one subnet to another. Note the configuration two in the image above, if we want to send data according to subnet A to subnet C, then the fastest path is through router C rather than through routers A and B.

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In general, routers can be grouped into several types. In accordance with using the understanding of routers, the types of routers are as follows: I. Based on their application

1. Application Router, which is an implementation that can be installed by the user in the computer operating system so that the computer’s personal operating system can work like a router. Some of its applications include; Wingate WinProxy Winroute Spygate

two. Router Hardware, which is hardware that has capabilities such as routers. With this capability, this hardware can be used to make; Divide ip address Dividing the internet network in a region, for example routers as acces point & the area that gets ip address and internet connection claimed Hot Spot Area.

three. A PC router, which is a personal computer using high specifications that are modified so that it can function as a router. Some of the minimum specifications that sine qua non on the computer earlier are; The Pentium II processor used a 10 GB hard drive and 64 RAM. There is a LAN card. Pc router-specific operating system, Mikrotik.II. Based on the mechanism

1. Static Router, which is a router that can do routing process based on a network where the process is done manually by an administrator.

two. Dynamic Router, which is a router that can perform routing process (page) can run automatically and dynamically after through the settings of the network administrator.

three. Wireless router, which is a router that can work without using cables because it only relies on air media to send data packets.

That’s a brief review of the understanding of routers, functions, how they work, and their types. Hopefully this article is useful & adds to your insight.

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