Here’s What to Consider when Choosing a Router

Single Band router is a router that only uses one frequency that is two.4 GHz. While the dual band uses 2 frequencies that are 2.4 GHz and 5GHz at once. Photo/Ist

JAKARTA – Choosing arouter that provides strong network collateral in sync needs is difficult easy. What is clear is this one thing that you need to know, which is whether it is a dual band or still a single band? Read also: What is a Router &y Five Main Functions

A Single Band router is a router that uses only one frequency that is two.4 GHz. While the dual band uses two frequencies, namely two.4 GHz and 5GHz at once, as a result the performance is much better than the single band.

The use of this multiband makes dual band routers much more efficient. If single band is generally enough for light activities such as browsing the web, sending emails & others, then dual bands can be invited to race using HD video streaming & downloading at high speed, or high-resolution audio visuals so it is suitable for gamers.

Dual-band routers offer two frequency alternatives: 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz, where the device is automatically connected to a 5 GHz frequency when the load in the two.4GHz frequency line increases. The increase in load in question is when more and more devices are connected to WiFi networks or doing heavy online activities such as streaming HD video or playing online games.

Although usually a dual band router is higher than the price of a single band router, that’s not the case for the Archer C24 AC750 DualBand Wi-Fi Router based on the TP Link. This dual band router in the Indonesian market is only priced at approximately Rp200,000s.

“Archer C24 AC750 Dual-Band WiFi Router is a dualband router using full features & affordable prices to meet daily online needs,” said Marketing Manager TP-Link, Indonesia Yoshia.

The Archer C24 AC750 DualBand WiFi Router is ideal for streaming HD video and downloading using high speeds, showing speeds of up to 433 Mbps (5GHz) and 300 Mbps (2.4GHz). Equipped with 4x antenna that delivers stable WiFi with wide range and robust connections, supports browsing without buffers &downloading without obstacles.

Designed minimalist for the latest space and design that can be customized using a variety of interior decorations, Archer C24 AC750 DualBand Wi-Fi Router has a 3 in 1 Multi-Mode supporting Router Mode, Access Point, & Range Extender to add flexibility.

The router is also equipped with Parental Controls to monitor and control children’s internet usage, as well as a Guest Network that provides separate access for visiting guests and enhances the security of the host’s network. Supports Proxy/Snooping IGMP, Bridge, and VLAN Tags to optimize IPTV streaming and is compatible with IPv6 (modern Internet Protocol version 6). Read more: Unforgettable Services of Arecibo Telescope the World’s First Alien Seeker

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