How to Choose the Best Wifi Router

Smart devices without wireless communication features are just regular and outdated old devices, some devices are good at communicating via Bluetooth, but most are connected over Wi-Fi. Therefore, a WiFi router is one of the most important components according to a smart residence.

What is a Wifi Router? Wifi router is a device that performs router functions & also includes the function of wireless access points. Wifi Router is used to provide internet or network access to a personal computer directly. Depending on the original factory & model, Wifi Router can function on wired local area networks, on wireless LANs only, or both on wired &wireless networks.

What is the function of a Wifi router? Wifi routers serve as a tool to connect networks, based on one network device to another. How to determine the best Wifi Router and what can be the benchmark on determining a beautiful Wifi Router? Below The Mechanic will give a little idea of what things must be considered before buying a Wifi Router:Read Also: Tips to Increase Internet Speed At Home

How to Choose the Best Wifi RouterRouter Speed

There are several explanations to determine the speed of each router, and each code has an out-of-sync meaning, for example denoted like 802.11 and followed by the alphabet. Wi-Fi speed ratings are like this: a -> b -> g -> n-> ac, using “a” as the slowest, and “ac” as the fastest.

If you intend to buy a new Wifi router, be careful with wifi routers that have types 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g. Routers with this series can be said to be the type that has expired, and unless you get it using a cheap price. So before buying a wifi router, the speed factor is among the most important things that must be considered.

Router 802.11n has a speed of up to 300 megabits per sec, & router 802.11ac can reach a speed of about 1300 + megabits per second. And keep in mind, the maximum speed you will get depends on the internet service you pay for. Most of the latest residences don’t have access to speeds faster than 300 megabits, as a result you’ll probably be fine with buying an 802.11n router. However, if you want to have a wifi router that can last until the future, buying an 802.11ac router is the best option. Dual Band vs. Single Band

Many routers provide dual band functionality, such as a two.4 ghz signal & a frequency of 5 ghz. Single-band routers only show a signal of two.4 GHz. if you have a poly device or desperately need extra speed, use a dual band router. If the use of your router is simple, you can save money &permanently using a single ribbon. Extender and Mesh Network

If you have a large house, you may need to buy a Wi-Fi extender. This device can increase the frequency & reach further rooms in your home. Mechanic suggests setting up your new wifi router first to see if an extender device is needed.

If money is not an issue for you, you can buy a router using mesh network technology. These routers automatically work together to create a powered Wi-Fi network. The technology is partly used in commercial buildings, but is now becoming more accessible to consumers.

That’s a little picture of how to find the best Wifi Router that you may be looking for. I hope this article is useful.

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