Tips for Choosing a Microtic Router

TIPS ON Choosing a Microtic Router

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb, happy activities guys, this time mimin will provide knowledge / Tips to determine R outerMikrotik before building a network both for business, workplace, company, school, & others. With this article, it is expected that readers can increase knowledge and can be implemented knowledge into concrete forms.

So how do you choose a microtic router?

Know your needs:Device functions (Router, Server etc.)Amount of traffic (Real Troughput)Expected features (Proxy,Hotspot,Radius)Expected interface

With the above information can be concluded: specifications adapted using your needs. Because the needs of server / backbone must not be in harmony with the needs of the router as a network access. The saying goes: There is money there is goods, there is a price there is quality. So adjust using your field needs

For server/backbone needs:

You can use Microbits -Enterprise Router, Microbits – Fiber Optic Router. Microbits is said to be a product based on Mikrotik to be used on a grand scale / Server.

To make it easier to select your device can use the following races are:300/400Mhz Processor (< 5Mbps Traffic)RB450,RB750,RB433,RB493680Mhz Processor (five-20Mbps Traffic)RB450G,RB433AH,RB493G1Ghz Processor (20-100Mbps Traffic)RB1200,RB1100AH1Ghz Dual Core Processor (> 100Mbps Traffic)RB1100AHx2Multi Core x86 Processor (> 1 Gbps Traffic)CCR,Microbits : Aneto , Ainos, DinaraXeon Processor (> 10 Gbps Traffic)Microbits: Dinara.To subscribe to our article please click the SUBSCRIPTION link so that all blog visitors can find out about our latest article

Above are tips for choosing the specifications of the device needed, so adjust it to your needs. If you miss a very large data or just as a network of accesses to customers, you can use the race above. Why should we pay attention to the specifications of the device? Because if we come from determining our device for example in an office computer network where it requires Real Througput of 50MB and users who use as many as 100 users and the owner of the company asks each user to be required through the login page.

Based on that statement, we’ll see if we can use the RB750? because maybe we are familiar with using the RB750 so that the form for example whatever the terms of the field we always rely on the RB750. The answer is no. Why? Observed from the bandwidth to be missed it has burdened CPU usage, RB750 for example flooded with traffic that is so large as a result resulted in CPU usage enlarged and bandwidth passed nir according to using desire that is 50MB. Then look at the license in the RB750, can it accommodate as many as 100 usermanagers? That’s why we should pay attention to the design of the tools that will be used before building a computer network.

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