Tips for Choosing the Right Router

During this one year, all our activities are carried out according to the residence. Starting based on learning, working, having fun, to worship and worship we do through the internet.

Indeed, smartphones and laptops become essential items in helping us communicate. But do you realize that there is one other device that turns out to be crucial in helping us communicate, namely the router.

You see, this device is a bridge between the devices we use using the internet. So, determining a perfect router according to our needs becomes a must. Set up a priority scale

The first thing to do is to determine the priority scale. You have to make sure what activities you will do using the router. You see, more and more features are offered in a modern router.

You do not need to use a gaming router that costs tens of millions if it will only be used for work, learning, or streaming only. We think it’s a waste.

Do not also you use a router worth hundreds of thousands of Rupiah if you plan to be able to feel a smooth gaming experience without obstacles when your router is used by several people at once.

That’s why the first thing you have to do is create a priority scale. Then you start looking for a router that is in sync with your needs. Find the appropriate features

Well if you’ve chosen a priority scale, now we’re talking about features. For gamers & streamers, you will generally need a LAN port feature using high speed. So, a gaming router may be suitable for you.

Typically, gaming routers have more poly LAN slots according to standard routers and come using cooling systems and other useful features made for gamers and streamers.

And for those of you who use a smartphone to play, you can determine a router with a WiFi 6 network. You see, there are currently many smartphones out there that already use modern generation wireless networks.

Then, for those of you who will only work & learn at home, you are advised to buy a router using the specification of at least having 5Ghz WiFi. This is because most laptops and smartphones already use the technology earlier. Match your internet

Another crucial thing that you should pay attention to is your internet speed. This must be done because the quality of the internet one provider uses other providers differently.

Indeed, most routers these days can provide internet speeds of up to 1000Mbps or more. But that doesn’t mean you’ll accept that speed completely.

If indeed your internet speed can only be at 100Mbps, then you will not receive more speeds than that. So, if you have internet that is not too fast, it will be redundant if you buy a router too expensive. Find a suitable price

The last thing to consider is the price issue. Currently, the price of routers in Indonesia is in the range of one hundred thousand more to tens of millions. This makes enough users to buy it.

If you have a limited budget, there are currently many routers that support 5GHz WiFi between Rp 500,000 to Rp 2,000,000. So if you want to use the router just to work and learn, this range is enough.

Then, for gamers, you can find a router in the price range of Rp two,000,000 to Rp 5,000,000. In this range you have got a router with good capabilities, and there is WiFi 6 support.

Lastly for gamers & streamers, you can find a router on top of Rp5,000,000. You will get all the best features to accompany all your activities.

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