5 Best Positions of Wifi Routers Let the Internet Speed More

Telset.id, Jakarta – Subscribing to an expensive internet package does not guarantee we can get a beautiful internet network. One of the important factors to be able to receive a fast internet signal is the position of the Wifi router.

As is known, for wifi frequency itself is generally supported by a device called Router. This tool that emits wifi frequency in the room to the user.

The position of the Wifi router is very crucial & must be considered, because if the position is not right it will hypnotize the power of wifi frequency itself.

There are some tips for choosing & placing the position of a valid Wifi Router, so that you receive an aporisma and fast internet frequency.

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It all starts with determining a router that matches the area you live in. Because not all routers are made equal and the size or layout of your residence will determine what type of wireless network you need.

For those of you who own an apartment or house using an area under 1500 square feet or 140 square meters, relative to one wireless access point. But if your router is a few years old, we recommend updating to a new example using 802.11 &11 & two-band wireless support.

While for a larger house it is good to update the network to the Mesh Network so that the internet can be accessed to all corners of the house. This will provide you with internet speed with comprehensive coverage. Don’t Put It in the Corner of the House

Laying the position of the Wifi router becomes an aspect that must be considered by your. This is able to affect the Wifi signal emitted. Usually the technicians install routers on the corners of the residence. But that is wrong.

Routers send signals in all directions as a result if you install them in the corner of the residence then more frequency is outside the residence. For that we recommend moving the router to a central location to optimize the signal.

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You are advised to install a router as high as possible to maximize coverage. This is because the frequency spread pattern tends to be vertical. Try placing the router on a bookcase or a wall of a residence that is not flashy.

Keep away from electronic devices.

Try to choose a position for a remote Wifi router based on electro & other large metal objects. The more poly walls, grand barriers and electronics near your router, the more likely something will interfere with the signal.

One electronics that is specifically avoided is the microwave because it emits a powered signal in the band up to two.4GHz.

Next is the correct position of the WiFi router antenna. Do not underestimate the role of the correct wifi antenna position because the position of the antenna can suggest the quality of the internet network obtained. If there are several antennas on your router, then set the position using well.

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Don’t position them in the same direction. Make them perpendicular to each other either vertically or horizontally. This is done so that the internet network can cover various angles.

Try mapping the signal strength

This way might be useful. You become a residence owner able to go around to map how strong the signal there is.

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It is useful to know anywhere corners of the house with the fastest or slowest frequency power. From there you can find problems in the internet connection in your residence.

Well, that’s tips on five ways to position wifi correctly so that you can get a faster Wifi frequency at home or work. Good luck. [NM/HBS]

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