Tips on Choosing a Router and 10 Best WiFi Router Recommendations bp-guide choice (2020)

Fast and stable internet access is now a daily requirement of many people. The Internet is needed to access a lot of entertainment media so that poly determines to install WiFi devices for residence. If you also want to bring WiFi internet access at home, remember to check out tips on determining the right router and get the best router recommendations bp-guide choice.What is a router?

The internet world has now become a crucial part of everyday life. The need for an internet network is now starting to turn into a basic need for everyone. Almost all daily activities and needs began to depend on the internet network. Call it to order culinary, transportation, communication, to make various payments are now through digital access.

To do all these activities, of course, there must be an internet network. One of the connections needed to access the internet is WiFi. Well, in order to be able to access the internet through a WiFi network this is needed a tool, namely a router. With this router, gadgets with built-in WiFi can also connect to the internet network wirelessly.Types of WiFi RoutersRouter Hardware

Routers are present on some types and the most common are hardware routers or physical routers. Hardware routers such as using modems or hubs are equipped with many connecting ports. This device will be placed in a location that is the center to divide the WiFi network. This hardware router is also known to have good capabilities at emitting IP addresses.Application Router

Software routers are not aligned using hardware routers that have a physical form. An application router is an event installed on an operating system, for example on windows, Mac Os, or linux.

Some applications that are able to produce a device into a router are Soygate, WinGate, & WinRoute. A desktoped software router allows a laptop or PC to be able to develop WiFi frequencies using other devices. However, the routing function of this software router is not as good as a hardware router.Router PC

Another type of router that you should know is the PC Router. Unlike software routers, a PC router is a specific operating system that can share IP addresses. One of the operating systems that have this router facility is a Microtik operating system that is equipped using a LAN card.

The minimum specification for a computer that can be installed pc router-specific operating system is a Pentium II processor computer using a 10GB hard drive and 64MB of RAM.Considerations on Choosing a WiFi RouterSecurity

If you want to buy a router for home or other needs, also consider the security system that the router has. This security is intended so that the WiFi network you have is not used by others freely. If the WiFi network of your router is poly used by others will certainly interfere with connectivity, smoothness, and WiFi speed.

In addition, consider the router using parental control features to block IP that is not child-friendly. Some types of security systems contained in routers are WPA2, WPA, and WEP. But the most secure according to these three types is WPA2.Number of bands needed

Another thing you also need to consider before buying a router is to know the number of bands used. Currently there are routers that use dual-band and tri-band technology. Dual-band routers have two radios that operate at frequencies of two.4GHz and five.0GHz.

Both radios on this router can be used and some types of dual-band routers exist that are only able to operate 1 radio frequency at the same time. To avoid connection interference you should specify a router that allows connections in the frequency band above 5GHz.

This is because some devices also operate in the 2.4GHz frequency range as a result of which it can interfere with router connections. Examples of devices that work in frequency two.4GHz are Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and cordless phones.Antenna

Routers also come with antennas to emit WiFi signals, namely internal &external antennas. Antennas in routers have an important function because they can increase the range of the router on sharing WiFi signals.

But, compared to internal antennas, routers use external antennas much more beautifully because the range is wider and can emit WiFi networks to all rooms in the house. Even for a room blocked by walls.Network capabilities

Network capabilities in the router are also an important consideration before buying a WiFi router. Older production routers use the 802.11ac wireless system. While the latest output router comes using a wireless system with a technology standard of 802.11n.

WiFi routers with the latest technology can certainly work more optimally than outdated output routers. However, outdated output routers can still be permanently connected to the latest technology and you can also accept this outdated output router at a cheaper price of course.10 Recommendations of BP-Guide Preferred WiFi RouterXiaomi Mi Router 4 Dual Band Wireless WiFi Gigabit

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Dual Band Wireless WiFi Gigabit comes using a perforated panel design at the bottom. This design is useful in removing excess heat during use. The advantage of this Xiaomi router is that it has 128MB of RAM and 16MB ROM that can accommodate 128 internet users.

While the processor used is MediaTek MT7621A MIPS (Dual Core 880MHz) so that it can provide fast and smooth internet access. The dual-band concurrency rate is 1167MHz with no interface.

Xiaomi’s WiFi router that supports IPv6, dual band WiFi 2.4G + 5G can put an aporisma speed of 1167Mbps and is also equipped with 4 high-gain antennas for a wider range area. The application that can be used to access and set up this wireless router is the MiWiFi App.

PriceRp. 429.000-857.000TP-Link TL-WR840N 300MBps Wireless Router Access Point Range WiFi Extender

TP-Link TL-WR840N 300MBps Wireless Router Access Point Range WiFi Extender comes with 4 functions that can be used as Access Point, Wireless Router, Range Extender & WISP.

WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) will capture the internet service services that have been available to be beamed back in the sense of the room is installed with a more powerful signal. TP-Link WiFi router which is a mixture of cable / wireless network is specifically designed to meet the needs of mini and home business networks.

The use of routers that can provide high-speed network access is ideal for playing online games, streaming HD video, downloading large files and VoIP. The router already uses 802.11n technology compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n. For setting up this router is also easy because you only need to go to the admin area.

PriceRp. 133.000-180.000AC6 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band WiFi Wireless Router Tent

The AC6 AC6 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band WiFi Wireless Router tent can provide strong frequency with stable performance thanks to a 900MHz CPU according to Broadcom.

WiFi routers that use the 802.11ac fifth generation technology standard has dual band speeds of up to 1167Mbps and can produce speeds of 867Mbps at 5GHz and 300Mbps frequencies in two.4GHz at the same time.

This AC6 WiFi router also has beamforming+ technology and external antennas and high amplifier power to increase the range of the device. The advantage that this router also has is its ability to penetrate walls as a result of being able to put a stable and powerful internet connection.

PriceRp. 349.900-369.900Modem Router Huawei B311As-853Modem WiFi Wireless Router

Huawei B311As-853Modem WiFi Wireless Router Router modem is suitable for installation in hotels, apartments, offices, boarding houses, and other public places. This WiFi router is open to all 3G and 4G networks for Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Axis, Hinet, Three and Smartfren providers.

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