10 Tips to Buy and Choose the Best Router Modem (UPDATED)

Tips on Buying And Choosing the Best Router Modem (UPDATED) – Indeed in this day and age, we desperately need internet access. Many ways that we can access the internet, you can buy internet packages, use a modem to access the internet, install wifi that has wireless.

If you are talking about wireless networks, you will receive poly device name. And the device is a point that you must meet if you want to use a wifi or wireless network. Call it a router. This router plays a crucial role for the merging of a network. For those who do not know what a router is, let me explain briefly and tips on buying sert choose it.A. What is a router?

A router is a sense that sends a packet of data over a network or the Internet to its destination, through a process known as routing. Routing processes occur in layer three (network layers e.g. Internet Protocol) of the osi seven-layer protocol stack.

This tool serves as a link between 2 or more networks to forward data based on one network to another. Routers are not aligned with switches, which are the link of several tools for building a Local Area Network (LAN).

As an illustration of the disparity of functions based on a router & switch is a street, and the router is a link between roads. Each residence is on a street that has an address in a certain order.

In the same way, switches connect a wide variety of senses, where each tool has its own IP address in a LAN. In summary, a router is a tool or device that can connect 2 segments of the network that are not synchronized. Then how do tips determine a good router?, here are the tips.B. Tips to Buy1. Purpose

What you must pay attention to is that you must know or have what purpose you need to form a network. If you are going to build a network that you will use for your human activities such as playing games, streaming, and others I recommend you to buy or determine a router that has high quality, so that in the future you do not regret. Your funds

Next you must pay attention is your funds to buy a router device. It’s also crucial for you to buy a router. Before buying to the store, you must know the price range according to the router you want.

If your funds are still 1/2 based on the router you want, you have to save even more, and you should not be provoked by the offer that is generally announced by the store that provides the router, because it can make you rush to buy even though the router is announced you do not want.

You should also pay attention to the speed of the router when choosing and buying. Usually this also depends on how much funds or capital you make to buy the router earlier. And this is also still back in the first tip that is the reason you buy or choose the router. Router Security

There are so many routers today that are easily hacked by smartphone users. Some implementations can help them in hacking your router’s network. Try, if buying or choosing a router, choose a router that already supports many types of security, such as WPA and higher. Because for wps security is very easy to hack. Brand

Try to find a brand that has been widely used and also of course quality. Some popular router brands are Tenda, D-Link, TP-Link, Prolink, ZTE, and so on. Why did I recommend some of these brands? Because in addition to being famous, some of these brands are trusted and also have supported various security. Wireless Router Range

Also pay attention to the range of the router, there are relative poly wireless standards that you can choose, you can consider the personal computer you have purchased with wireless needs. Some wireless standards include 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11ac. For aporisma networking speed, you can have a standard of 802.11ac.7. USB Port

Because the router uses a USB Port allows you to install flash drives, hard disks & even printers, so you can make a lot of power origin wirelessly over the network. Installation Process

You must know the installation process and its use must also be before buying. Try to understand how to configure, how to set ip address, how to change the type of wireless security, block users, and also increase the speed of internet access speed. At least that’s what you have to master.

If you can’t afford it, you can pay for installation rental services that may take 50 to 100 thousand rupiah once setting. Access Point Accept Distance.

This may not be too crucial, because now the router is already using a modem to receive internet access. If you buy a router that you want to use for example shooting access point networks, you should be more observant in reading the specifications. Typically, some routers do not support as access point receivers. Dual Band Technology

It is a technology that uses two radios, one operates using a speed of 2.4 GHz and another operates at a speed of five.0 GHz. For example, like a mobile phone with dual sim, this technology will be able to help crucial things such as streaming, transferring data, and playing online games.

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Maybe some tips on buying & determining a router modem on top can be useful for its readers, & do not forget to consider some of the above when you want to buy a router.

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