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Doran Gadget – Internet access is fast becoming a necessity for today’s people, both to support work and everyday lifestyle. One of the determining factors of internet speed at home is a wifi router. This device serves to receive and beam home the frequency of wifi and internet around the room that is within its range. Choosing it can not be done carelessly for optimal use. Tips for Choosing a Wifi Router for Home

For those of you who want to get a wifi router for the ideal home, pay attention to the following tips are: 1. How much Wifi Speed is Needed

As a first step in choosing a wifi router for the house is to choose the required speed. Router speeds vary, ranging from 350 Mbps to 1,900 Mbps. You can consult using a provider or sales agent this router for proper use in residence.

Here, also estimate the use of the router later. For example, it can be used on how many devices and so on. Place the router in an ideal place to capture the frequency better when used. Dual Band & Network Standard Technology

Next is a dual band technology check on the wifi router where you live. This technology is two radios on capturing signals. Stau radio has a speed of two.4 GHz, while the other maximum speed is 5.0 GHz. Both can help you to access the internet faster such as playing online games, data transfer, to streaming.

Then, check about the default wireless router network. The standard network router of this time is 8-2.11n. There are also manufacturers that sell routers using the outdated standard 802.11ac. You should choose the latest standard network, because in addition to the speed is better the price is also friendly on pockets. Check home Wifi Router Antenna

Antennas in wifi routers serve to capture existing internet signals. Then, this antenna emits the signal to an affordable area of the house. Make sure the router you choose has an external antenna. Because, it will make the frequency more stable time used without bulkheads or other fields that block it.

Not only external antennas, internal antennas are crucial for you to check. When buying, make sure this internal antenna is in good condition. So that it is able to capture the signal and beam it back well and you can use the internet smoothly. Appropriate USB Port using Device

After checking the router antenna, also check the USB port. This port will connect the connection based on the router to the device. Therefore, check if the existing USB port is compatible for the computer used. In addition, it can read data & can be used as Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Also check the built-in applications that the router has. If you don’t, it will make it difficult for you to use it. Especially for installation & update features on the router later. Check the security

The last tip when choosing a home wifi router is to check the level of security. The goal is to keep internet traffic more convenient and conducive to time spent. For example, avoiding illegal use of others who use your wifi, as a result the connection becomes slow and it is very annoying.

For security, the router is diverse. Some of them are WPA, WEP, and WPA2. If you want the most conducive router, then, you should choose to use wpa2 features. Similarly, using parental control features that can control and block IP based on content that is not appropriate for children. Get the Best Home Wifi Router in Doran Gadget

Those are some suggestions that you can apply time will determine the best wifi router for your home. In addition to these tips, make sure the design of the router is ergonomic and easy to place anywhere in the house. Then, adjust to your budget and buy it at a trusted loka as in Doran Gadget.

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