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Choosing a router as a network that you will use at home or your business activities may be very confusing. Users of course want to buy & determine a router that has a good enough performance &y wireless coverage. So with good performance capabilities, you do not need to change the router in a relatively short period of time.

Furthermore, what further adds a level of complexity to determining the router is the number of wireless features and specifications provided. For that we will provide guidance on determining synchronous routers using the needs and magnitude of your room. Overview

Today, the router is still there in almost all the loka. You can find them in residences, offices, and apartments. Maybe you can also find a router that can form a Wi-Fi frequency, you can find this facility in many restaurants, supermarkets or maybe your café is used to buying coffee. By using a router that has wireless technology, users can produce a wireless network. So you can divide the connection to a lot of users without the need to be limited to using the loka. Your wireless users can be in far-off places based on where your router is. However, the router still has a limit that can be reached so that users must keep that distance. Illustration of router usability

In this guide article we already assume you have subscribed to the Internet, as a result the next level is that you only need to divide the connection into several users who will eat up your Internet connection. We also expect you to determine routers that have wireless capabilities, as a result of which users are not only limited to using cables. Even wireless users have limits. Router Installation

When you want to buy a router, the first thing you should consider is how sophisticated the router you want to buy. If you need a donation router that has wireless technology, of course you will not buy a router that has low capabilities. In addition, if you want to add excess features such as security, the main control & ability to connect USB printers & external storage. Of course you have to need a router that has a relatively expensive price, the more expensive the router, the more features are offered. Guide to buying a router

Before buying a router, it’s a good thing to consider some of the things below so that you do not get stuck on the purchase of a router that does not suit your needs. Network standardt 802.11n or 802.11acStandart Wi-Fi interface as one of the things that must be considered

If you want a router that has Wi-Fi technology, you should consider the wireless features contained in the router. Similar to using smartphones,router manufacturing companies are constantly implementing new and powerful technologies. The longer, the technology is certainly also growing. The latest technology based on wireless routers is 802.11n, this technology has been as standard by industry. So, we recommend buying a router with modern technology. You can see this specification in the top cardboard of the router you buy, the manufacturer should include the specification at the top.

However, not infrequently there are companies that sell routers that still use old technology. Usually the price of this router is cheaper when compared to using a router that uses the latest technology. This old technology uses an 802.11ac wireless system. It should be noted, that you do not need to risi if the outdated wireless technology can not be connected using the latest technology. Old technology can also work with the latest technology. Determine wi-fi speed on the router

When you want to choose the perfect router for your activities, you also have to determine the Wi-Fi speed in the router. Every company undoubtedly chooses / declares the wi-fi speed that can be used in the router, but you still have to be wise in choosing the bandwidth that can be achieved by the router earlier. The manufacturing has put speed in theory in the kerdus to attract attention based on buyers. Usually the wireless speed on the router reaches a speed of 350 Mb / sec to 1900 Mb / sec. Actually, the speed will not be received optimally by your device. When you transfer data using the TCP/IP protocol (the most poly protocol used by poly manufacturing), you will only charge half of the speed provided by the manufacturer. The further away your device with the router, the slower the speed that will be received by the user. Therefore, you must permanently choose the laying of a router that suits your needs in order to reach all.

All wireless also have the ability to be able to have a connection using the RJ-45 / UTP cable. But what needs to be considered is that the router will only put bandwidth as much as 100Mb / s. Although it eats higher can, we are willing to buy a router that has a higher bandwidth speed, which is as much as 1000 Mb / s. It also depends on using the ISP speed you use, it will feel useless when your port speed is high but your Internet speed is not high. By using cables, existing data transfer is at least more stable when compared to using wireless.three. Wireless data security

As we know that wireless networks, are networks that are very ranging to aggression or insecurity. If you do not try to make security on your network, you will get poly cases such as theft of your connection, people who intentionally access every data stored on your computer, infect existing systems with viruses and various other battles.

If you use an outdated type of router that uses a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) securities system, you are for example the same as not using a securities system. Breaking into WEP securities is also very easy and poly once tutorial on the Internet to do so. You should buy a router device that has WPA2 security level. Most standard routers on the market already use this security system. Consider the number of bands required.

Many manufacturers have sold routers that use dual-band technology, but this time poly is starting to roll using routers that have tri-band technology. What is the difference between dual-band technology and tri-band technology? Dual-band is a technology that uses two radios, 1 radio operates in a frequency of two.4 GHz and the other operates in a frequency of five.0 GHz. That way you can set it up, as a result you can separate the wireless network contained in the router. With this technology, it will be very good to be used in transferring data and also streaming. Make sure you already know that the two radios are capable of use, some routers that use dual-band features are only able to operate 1 radio at the same time. Band difference in router5. Quality of service (Quality of Service)

When talking about QoS or Quality od Service of a router, we cannot rely only on existing Internet connections. Because the quality of service according to the router is a procedure that can be used by the router against some implementation that is not the same. If you often use the Internet to make calls, by using implementation such as Vonage, you can make settings in the quality of service (QoS) on the router to be able to set the genre of data so that it can be faster & a priority. So, when someone downloads a file, you’re making a call, then the quality of your call won’t go down.

QoS can also be used to optimize the performance of your network when used to stream, play online games or do things that require considerable bandwidth. QoS is not able to increase the bandwidth of your network or speed up your Internet access. But using QoS you are able to take advantage of the router’s capabilities using thoroughly. So, choosing and buying a router that has a good QoS will support your performance. USB Connection One of the routers that supports USB port facilities

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