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There are poly factors that cause the slow connection or internet network in your residence.

Starting based on internet infrastructure, network interference, data usage, high traffic, device selection factors &device damage, the presence of disruptive factors in the room and others.

Especially when many companies allow their employees to work based on home to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

In fact, many believe it is necessary to trick fiddling with settings on smartphones as well as laptops such as unplug & reinstall sim cards, airplane mode, turn off the ad network interim, change DNS settings, routinely reboot / restart router devices & other into a solution.

In some cases, for example, wireless signal interference does need to restart, but generally the slow speed of access is actually triggered by other factors, as a result of tricks such as it has less meaningful impact.

In addition, it turns out that there are still many who consider network devices to be a unit with internet services or Internet Service Provider (ISP) services. In fact, network devices and internet services are two different things but complement and support each other.

The following, a number of tips given by TP-Link in choosing the perfect router, from the press information.

First, in order for its use to be sufficient, take into account the amount of bandwidth available with the number of devices that will use the bandwidth earlier. Low internet access speeds based on a non-ISP are comparable to the number of connected devices.

For example, the use of a 10 Mbps internet package divided into 10 devices where in theory each device will get internet speed of 1 Mbps.

If the internet access speed is not more than 50 Mbps then the user can use a device that has a WAN port using a fast ethernet rating (100 Mbps), but if the user’s internet access speed is above that value then try to use a device that has a WAN port with a gigabit etherent rating (1000 Mbps).PROMOTED CONTENTChoice Video

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