7 Best WiFi Router Brands That Are Good and Fastest

Compared to using a regular data plan, some people judge that using WiFi is even better. Because WiFi tends to create internet activities as faster. But unfortunately, choosing a beautiful WiFi router brand is not easy, especially for ordinary people.

This is not surprising considering that this router comes in a lot of options that may be confusing. To minimize the confusion earlier, here are tips on determining at the same time recommendations of several WiFi routers that can be used as an option. Let’s listen. Tips for Choosing a WiFi1 Router. Look at the network’s capabilities.

You must pay attention to the ability of the network when buying a WiFi router. Just news, make the router obsolete using the 802.11ac wireless system and the new output router using the 802.11n wireless system. Of course, the latest output router has better performance compared to the old output.

However, outdated routers also have advantages such as cheaper prices. In addition, outdated routers can still be connected to the latest technology. So, in this case please consider carefully about which router is closest to your budget needs and requirements. Look at the antenna.

In the router there are two antennas, namely external antennas & internal antennas. Each of these antennas has a function that is so crucial because it is able to increase the range of the router. You can find out this antenna based on the product description. It’s just that as a consideration, external antennas are more beautiful compared to internal antennas.

Because, the external antenna has a wider range and can emit frequency to various rooms of residence, even if blocked by walls. In addition, external antennas can also make the internet connection more stable and some of them can be removed. Consider a Router That Is Practically Moved

The location of the router installation will certainly suggest accuracy and performance. Therefore, make sure you choose the right location to install it. This router itself you can install in a horizontal, vertical position or use to stick it in a wall or place it on a table.

It’s just that if you want a product that is always able to adjust the position with the strength of the internet connection, try to choose one that is easy to move. Thus, you can continue to connect using the internet comfortably and smoothly at any time. Look at the number of bands needed.

Routers currently use 2 types of primary bands, namely two.4 GHz & 5 GHz. Each type of band has its own advantages & disadvantages. For the 2.4 GHZ band, this has a wider spectrum of signals, but the frequency was relatively dense so there was the potential for frequent communication disruptions.

The band is also able to be disturbed by household appliances that are commonly used daily such as Bluetooth, microwave &baked. While for the five GHz band, there is almost no radio interference so that obstacles to the internet can be avoided. Unfortunately, the band has a narrower range.

Regarding the number of bands that must be selected, of course this adjusts to the requirements of the installation area. Approximately the environment more or less has a lot of influence on internet or nir connection. If so, you can determine the five GHz band. Good WiFi Router Brand Recommendation1. Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Dual Band Wireless WiFi Gigabit

The advantage offered by this router is that it can accommodate up to 128 internet users because it has a RAM capacity of 128MB and 16MB ROM. In addition, this router also has a hole in the bottom that will be very helpful in removing excess heat of time used.

By relying on the MediaTek MT7621A MIPS processor, you are able to enjoy smooth and fast internet access with aporisma speeds offered up to 1167Mbps. This is still coupled with a 4 high-gains antenna to reach a wider area. This router itself can be accessed and set up using the MiWiFi App. TP Link Ultimate TL-WR1043ND

The speed offered by this one router product reaches 300Mbps. With this speed, of course, you can receive the best experience in diving into the internet world including when streaming &video calls. The router also promises a stable connection using three antennas with Signal Sustain Technology or SST technology.

In addition, this product also has security that is easy to encrypt, i.e. you just need to press the Quick Security Setup or QSS button. With so many advantages, of course this product is one of the best choices for you to present a quality internet network even though connected using various devices. Totolink N300RT Wireless Router

It is indeed a product that is intentionally designed for remote networks. Equipped with WDS & repeater, this router has a wider area coverage, the connection is permanently stable and also powered.

For those of you who like to download, this router allows you to do it quickly because the speed offered reaches 300Mbps. In addition, the power of the router’s internet network is also equipped using MIMO. Guaranteed you will not experience obstacles in the internet. AC6 Tent 1200

This product even has 4 external antennas at once that promise a fast internet connection. The AC6 1200 tent has also been supported using power-efficient technology, as a result of which the power consumption tends to be low as well as environmentally friendly.

Related to the power consumption, this router allows you to make wifi schedule settings automatically. Well, make the internet connection offered even reaches 1200Mbps. Of course, using this speed you can stream as much as possible without interruption and download anything at a fairly short time. D-Link DIR-612 Wireless Router

If you are looking for a router that can be installed in a large room, it may be able to drop the choice in this product. Because, this product is equipped using a repeater mode that makes it have these capabilities. In addition, every corner of the room that is affordable will also get an internet connection with the same capacity.

There is also a NAT Firewall in it that can make you quieter to the potential infiltration or utilization of internet connection. Regarding speed, this router shows speeds of up to 300Mbps which will certainly be very helpful to carry out a variety of activities that are herbi internet. Huawei WS 330 Smart

This one router is thin, compact and lightweight as a result tends to be flexible & can be placed anywhere be it a wall, table or anywhere. Although the shape for example, this router also offers a good speed that reaches 300 Mbps.

You can be more comfortable enjoying the internet because the connection is rarely cut off. For its own range can reach a distance of 20 meters. Of course, using a lot of advantages this router is perfect for those of you who prefer to use a device that is easy to put on anywhere. Linksys Cisco WiFi Router E1200

This router also provides a wide range of connections and is also fast. Thus, its users do not need to risi activities on the internet will be as ngadat. This router has been equipped with a MIMO antenna so it is also suitable for use both at home and in the office.

Furthermore, this product also provides security protection that allows others to freely access their internet network. You who already have children can also activate the parental protection system to be able to supervise children’s online activities according to anywhere.

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After looking at the wifi router brand mentioned above, is there anything that catches your attention? Whichever brand you choose, make sure to choose it according to the tips that have been shared yes, so that you really receive the ideal router for your environment and able to meet your needs. Don’t forget to prepare the budget as well. May it be useful.

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