How to Set Up Wireless Router For Wifi Transmitters or Access Points

When talking about computer networks, we certainly often hear the name router and also access point. Both of these network devices have different gait, functions and uses, therefore in this tutorial admin will mention about the tutorial how to set router tplink into an access point to emit wifi or hotspot. In addition, admin will also reveal about the waiting for Access point, what is the use of access point, how access points work in the internet network.

Actually we will discuss this about how to configure the router tp link or about how to set access point anyway?

You do not need to be moved because at this time there are poly router devices that have multi-function alias have more than one function. One of the network devices that we will discuss this time is the TL-WR 941 HP Access Point Router that has 3 functions at once, namely can be used as a Router,can be used as an Access Point that can emit wi-fi, and can also be used as a Repeater aka Range Extender.

Before stepping into this tutorial on how to set up a TP-Link Router as an Access Point, admin will reveal a little about the understanding & function of the Router, Understanding & function of access point and also understanding range extender on the network, as well as what function according to repeater.

What Is a Router In A Computer NetworkRouter is a network hardware that has the function to connect several networks (2 or more). If you ask about how to connect two networks using different IP segments or even 2 networks using different IP classes, then the router is a sense that can connect 2 networks that are not the same.

Is the router capable of connecting two networks together? The answer is obviously CAN. If 2 classes of networks that are not synchronized can be put together or connected by the router, let alone the same 2 networks.

What is access point on the network?The function of access point in the network is to be a link between the LAN network to the client without using cables or commonly considered to use wireless. Access point works using an antenna transmitter that is useful for getting and also sending packages to the client quickly even without using cables.

In this case what we call a client is a network user such as android smartphone devices and also laptops or notebooks.The term easy to know the function of access point is to be a transmitter of internet frequency according to LAN or based isp to android device & laptop.

So during this wifi that you usually use for internet, playing online games using hape, watching youtube videos and also downloading the implementation based on playstore and so forth is the frequency radiated by access point.

What is the function of a Range Extender or Repeater in a network?Range extender has the function to forward and strengthen the frequency emitted by the access point so that the signal emitted by the access point becomes more powerful and has a longer range.

This function is the same as the repeater function which also works to strengthen weak wifi frequency.

For example: you have a terraced residence with 2 floors and you have installed the internet according to Telkom, Indosat or based on other internet service provider ISPs on the first floor or downstairs. And it turns out that on the 2nd floor or upstairs, the wifi signal emitted by the access point on the lower floor has weakened and is difficult to use for internet on the second floor or upstairs.

Well to strengthen the wifi signal to get to the top floor, you need to use a network device called repeater to strengthen the signal according to the lower floor so that the wifi frequency is stronger and faster upstairs.

From the explanation of the admin above, you have understood about the understanding of the router, router function, understanding access point, what is the function of the access point, what is the definition of repeater or range extender, & also what is the function of the repeater & also what is the function of the range extender on the network.Furthermore, the complete admin tutorial will invite you to learn about how to set up the Router TP-Link example of TL-WR941HP into an Access Point. Please refer to this tutorial on how to set up an access point. How to Set up a TP-LINK Router and as an Access Point To Emit Wifi

1. First, please turn on the tplink router that you have, in this tutorial example, the tutorial admin is able to use the router tp link using the example TL-WR941HP which has 3 functions. So the tp link device that admin uses is actually a Router, but can be set to be An Access Point. So when the tplink access point was turned on or turned on, then you will find an SSID or wifi signal with the name TP-LINK 4944

2. If you do the setting or configuration of access point using a PC without a wireless adapter, you can use a LAN cable to connect between the computer with the tplink access point earlier.

Please read: Full Tutorial On How to Assemble a LAN Cable

But if you use a laptop you can use the wi-fi frequency emitted by the access point to do the setting. As a model here admin uses a Laptop to set access points. So admin only need to connect the laptop using the access point using the wifi frequency emitted by the router.

three. When you connect your laptop with wifi tplink, you will be asked to enter a password. The easiest way to find out the wifi password is to look at the bottom of the access point device earlier.

4. After your laptop or computer has connected using the tplink access point router, please open the browser application, then please access the access router settings page access point by entering the ip of the device tp link in the address bar in your browser. (defaultIP device Router Access Point tplink is

or able to also use accessing the url address using a browser, then you will go to the login page.

five. On the login page, please login with the default admin username & default adminpassword, then please click login to go to the configuration page and setting the router tp link as an access point or transmitter sinya wifi.

6. After successfully logging in and going to the router settings page, you will go to the Quick Setup page. On the initial page, please add Regional Indonesia,& gmt +7 time zone and then click in the next button.

7. On page 2, that is page System Working mode, which is useful for setting as to what this tplink device works. where on this page you will see three options, among others, namely: Router, Range Extender & Access Point. Please choose which mode you will use.

Because here the admin will put a model on how to set the access point, then the admin determines the third option, namely Access Point,and then click in the Next button to continue.

8. On page or step 3, that is the Wireless setting stage. On this page we will set the name of the SSID or the name of wifi that will be emitted by the access point.

Please fill in the name of the SSID or the name of the wifi signal, then fill in the wifi password that will later be used when the user or client wants to connect to your wifi network. When you have finished filling in the SSID name and Password,then please click on the Next button to proceed to the next stage.

9. The next stage or step of setting the access point is how to change the wifi password tp link in the network setting section.

On this page you can specify the type of IP address you want to use to connect your access point device to your LAN or ISP network.

If you want an easy or automatic way, please select DHCP, but if you want to determine the IP manually, please select Static IP, then fill in the IP address to be used by the access point device. Please enter the IP address in sync with the IP segment you use in your network. Also make sure the IP you add has not been used by other devices or other computers in your network.

Next, please fill in the subnet mask in sync with the IP address class you are using.

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