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Are you confused about buying a mifi or USB modem? If so, keep this article out until it’s resolved. Hopefully later you are able to receive careful consideration when going to buy one according to this device.

In the past, if we want to connect a personal computer / laptop to the internet, surely the solution if you are not looking for a place that has WiFi, yes install a USB modem filled with a mobile provider card. This USB modem was also a trend in its era because it was relatively simple on its use. Simply plug, and the connection through the existing UI, the internet is connected.

But now there has begun to be an update device according to this USB modem, namely MiFi. In a way that works almost the same, which is permanently using a mobile provider SIM card. The difference is the connectivity to the user.

Well, so that you don’t want to buy a MiFi or USB Modem, see the difference between these two. Modem USB

Let’s go to the USB modem first. Although there is now MiFi, but permanent USB Modem is widely marketed and many are used. In terms of network quality, there are now many USB modems that have supported 4G networks. Huawei’s USB modems are many that already support 4G.

In terms of price is also relatively affordable. USB modem can be obtained using a price of less than Rp 500 thousand. It has been able to be beautiful &support 4G LTE.

Unfortunately, this USB modem can only be used for one user only. Because the connectivity is only on plug directly to the laptop / pc device through the USB port. It can be for many users, however, you have to buy other devices such as 3G / 4G Wireless N Router. And this device also costs almost the same using the price of a USB modem, some are even more expensive. Besides the size of the grand. If you want to go down everywhere it’s less effective.

This USB modem is also only capable of being used in laptop / pc devices. If the smartphone obviously can not, because there is no USB port. The power source also depends according to the device used. So a nir USB modem can live on its own, because there is no battery.

From this we are able to infer the advantages &disadvantages of USB Modem

Pros: the price is cheap, it supports 4G, small size can be carried everywhereDisadvantages: only able to one user, sometimes quickly heat if plugged continuously, can not make the phone, do not use the battery.Buy a USB 4G modem: hereMiFi

MiFi is a WiFi Modem, which means that in terms of connectivity to internet network users are channeled via wireless, not USB or plugged exclusively into the device. Because of the spread of the network through wireless, as a result MiFi can be used for all devices, be it laptops, personal computers, and smartphones.

This internet source also relies on the mobile provider’s SIM card. So simply install a simcard that already has an internet quota, then turn on mifi, and turn on WiFi on the device, it can be internet.

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Because it uses wireless, MiFi is able to be used by more than one user. Each mifi product has its limitations, but in general it can be used by up to 10 users, even more.

All mifi currently use batteries. The capacity varies, but it can last for hours. If it runs out, just recharge the battery. So there is no need to rely on other devices for the power source.

However, this mifi has a price that does not disappoint expensive. The price range is between Rp 250 thousand – Rp 1 million. Usually that can be used for all operators, the price is expensive. But the one that is locked for one operator, the price is cheap.

Pros: multi-user, mini sized, battery usage, more mobile, mini sizedDisadvantages: They are relatively expensiveBuy MiFi 4G: here

Well from the comparison above, of course you already have an idea want to buy MiFi or USB Modem. My advice if you have more funds, better buy MiFi. Because it is more freely used. You don’t need a USB port plug to turn on. In addition, what is more profitable is that it can be used for various devices (more than one device).

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I use Mifi for internet connection needs on my laptop, my smartphone & my brothers in residence. So, it’s more effective.

Just for information, now there is also a 4G Router that can be your choice. What is a 4G router? Read this article >> Choose to Buy Mifi 4G or 4G Router?

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