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Yo-yo-Yomaaann. How are you guys? May you all be in good health and sane all yes. Hehehe.. (Becanda yes). Okay friends tehniq setanah air indonesia beloved, back again on the blog Want to talk about what we are this time? Okay this time we want to talk about Jigsaw and Router. So you guys want to choose which? select Jigsaw or Router Trimmer?. So this article revolves around a wood worker who is struggling to determine what power tools are best suited for their work. What is the difference, advantages, disadvantages & many considerations that appeared at that time in this carpenter’s coconut. Uh, coconut yes, chief we mean.

So usually this consideration is there for you wood workers who are just starting this field of work. So you want to prioritize the senses that can be used to meet the needs of users more poly. Because poly things are considered, such as a mediocre budget, lack of knowledge between the two goods, skills that only stand out according to one type of goods, and others. Of course, all of you who know your problems when you are considering choosing a jigsaw or trimmer router. CHOOSE JIGSAW OR TRIMMER ROUTER

It is not easy to start a business whether it is a small business or a grand business. This also applies to woodworking business types. This woodworking business is an effort that involves art, skill, rigor, tenderness and also patience. And a wood worker must have the skill to use the supporting senses to complete this wood working job.

There are senses used to smooth wood, some are used for wood shaving, some are used to cut wood, some are used to create wood. It varies – poly once sorts of senses supporting this work. While for the sense of wood forming itself there are two types, namely jigsaw and router. So based on that comes the question of choosing a jigsaw or trimmer router, because it is useful based on these two tools is almost the same that can form a certain pattern on wood, although the blade used is not synchronized.

So in this article we will answer the question of choosing this jigsaw or trimmer router by discussing it based on the aspects:How it works.Application.Price.

Why did we discuss these three things? Because we think these three things will be able to help you choose what priorities you need first. Whether choose a jigsaw or a trimmer router first, so wait for what else, let’s discuss it together. DIFFERENT WAYS JIGSAW AND ROUTER WORK

The first thing we will discuss is the different ways jigsaws and routers work. What’s the difference between how a jigsaw & router works? Before we answer that question, we will try to mention the understanding according to this machine first.

Jigsaw is one of several types of power tools that serve to cut wood and triple using a saw either to cut straight or with curves / patterns. While the way of working based on Jigsaw itself is this machine uses mini saw eyes that go up and down. And if for certain conditions, this machine can be set so that the eyes of the saw can work upwards & down & also forward and backward. So it can do four movements at once in one way These four movements are done so that users can do the work faster. Because when doing a back and forth movement up and down, the wood will be cut faster.

While the router is one based on several types of power tools that serve to create indentions or patterns in wood. And for its own way of working, this machine works using a rotating shaft using the tip that is fitted with exclusive eyes in order to make curves in the wood and also create a pattern in the wood.


So you know the difference, guys. If the jigsaw is how it works using a saw that goes up and down back and forth. While the router how it works is to use rotating polish eyes to create indentions and patterns in wood. If we analyze the workings of these two tools, of course, we can conclude what this machine can not do.

If it’s a jigsaw because it uses a saw, so when you make an indentation, you need sandpaper or a sander to smooth out the curves you’re for earlier. As for the router, the curves that you for it have been smooth because the router machine works like polishing, but you are also permanently able to sand it again to receive maximum output.

Continue the 2nd, because it uses a saw that dabbles back and forth then the jigsaw cannot make a mini indentation because it is limited to movement. While the router can create more detailed indentation because it is a movement that you can adjust yourself with your hand movements. DIFFERENT JIGSAW APPLICATIONS AND ROUTERS

For the second thing that we will discuss is the different implementation of jigsaw and router. So what do these two machines do for?

Applications according to jigsaw itself are commonly used to cut wood, make bevels or indentions and also make holes. In addition jigsaws are also used to cut iron, ceramics, aluminum, mica, plastic, particles &drywall.

While make your own router what is the application? Applications according to this router are commonly used to create profiles, sponing door frames & also ventilation, creating indentions in wooden edges, frame frames, table lists, etc. In addition, this router or trimmer is commonly used to tidy up wooden connections, making holes & making gaps in wooden connections.

So you already know the different applications. Although somewhat the same, but there is a striking implementation in each of these machines. For his own choice we give it back to you all. How your work is there, what work you do the most poly, and others that of course you yourself know about your needs. And now how to use the price?

For the price of the jigsaw itself which is rather cheap you can get between the price of Rp. 400,000 to Rp. 1,000,000. If you want to get a more expensive jigsaw, the maximum price contained in our database is at a maximum price of Rp. 2,500,000,-. To see the catalog according to the Jigsaw machine itself, you can visit the link below:

As for the price of the trimmer router itself you can get with a price range of Rp. 400,000 to Rp. 1,000,000 for a small size trimmer. While for a trimmer router the size of akbar you can get using the price range of Rp. 2,000,000 to Rp. 7,000,000. Quite expensive also yes if the router is a large size. But it’s natural with the results you get later. Smoother & more precise. For this trimmer router catalog itself you can visit in the link below:


And for those of you who want to see reviews of technical tools before you buy them, you can visit our youtube channel that is most ok to have. We provide information about product reviews, product comparisons using each other, and interesting tips for maintaining and repairing your engineering machines. Visit our Youtube channel at the link below.

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