3 Tips for Choosing a Router for Wireless Networks

SEVIMA.COM – Building a wireless network can be said to be difficult easy. But permanently, if built without precise tactics, the output obtained is also not able to aporisma. Including for choosing a router.

Building a cordless network is considered easy because today there are many choices of devices on the market. The capabilities of many of these devices also show a variety of capabilities, depending on which one you choose.

While it is said to be difficult because creating a wireless network does not specify and install existing devices. There are also a number of things that must be considered, here are three of them as revealed by Boon Ping Tang, Regional Sales Director Asia Cisco Consumer Business Group. Software

When choosing a router, make sure that the accompanying application is easy to use. This is the primary factor you should consider.

The difficulty that is generally found in previous router products is that users must understand the term technique and know the proper use of protocols and administrative subnet masks according to the provider. No longer! Good software should hide all the complexities you face and use words that can be understood by the layman.

You just have to click a few times, follow a few simple instructions & get everything done easily.

Some products even come with Parental Control, which lets you manage when and how kids can access the Internet based on your PC, laptop or tablet.

You can choose ‘Date and Time’, set when accessing to the internet (online) every day, and specify ‘Sites’ so that you can limit the websites that can not be visited. Performance

Routers are a necessity to ensure you receive the best video streaming experience, range and speed at home and claim a secure connection.

As a model, when your laptop and iPad are streaming video from YouTube at the same time, you’ll find intermittent videos when using a low-quality router that can’t support streaming video, even if you subscribe to high-speed broadband Internet.

Don’t leave the router as an obstacle! There is a difference between using a low quality router using a high quality router, just like using a single band router using a dual band router.

Buy the best because your wireless router will be both a ‘brain’ as well as a ‘machine’ that controls all WiFi devices at home. Design

Like your laptop, phone, bag, or shoes, no one wants to buy a bad product. Your device must be appropriate to use the living environment, especially as crucial for devices that can be reviewed.

The modern development of an antennaless design can deliver an attractive look, without sacrificing sophisticated functionality. The sophistication of the technology allows the internal antenna, which is dreamily smaller and visually sweeter.

Just like a mobile phone that used to have an external antenna, now you can’t find it again because it is hidden in it, thus presenting a graceful design.

Similarly, using a router, with the sophistication of technology, even with a hidden antenna, the performance of the router is able to bring the required speed &range.

Moreover, today’s routers also have an innovative design so that consumers prefer to display in the environment where they live.

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