Review and How to Set Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C is the sense of the network that runs at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz, Mi Wifi Router 4C entered Indonesia there are 2 versions, namely the Chinese version and another version of the world, both according to gw the same, there is only a slight difference when the initial setting will be pairing to the Application.

For the way the setting is quite easy, because Mi Wifi Router 4C has been provided kusus application according to Xiaomi, but so friends must have a Xiaomi account first, and to register it is quite easy to ko, friends only prepare active email only, such as emails that are already on android phones.

At first I hesitated to buy Xiami Mi Wifi Router 4C, because in many online stores that sell chinese versions, I think to make the setting difficult because it only uses Chinese, & after I tried to buy & find out how to set it turned out to be very easy friends, for how please read until it is resolved yes…

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The design according to Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C is very simple, like a router in general, carrying four external omni directional antennas up to 5dBi, so it can be better to cover one house, available one WAN port, and two LAN ports, as well as reset holes and of course holes for power. Feature

The features available on Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C are fairly complete, according to Router to Repeater is available, capable for PPPoE, Static, and DHCP users. Steady yes guys. Memory

The memory that is carried by Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C is fairly grand, which is 64MB as a result can be more stable for data transmission to user devices, and can accommodate more poly users connected to this Mi Wifi Router 4C, which is up to 64 users. How to set up Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C

For friends who do not know how to set up Mi Wifi Router 4C gw will put a fairly easy way & certainly friends can…

1. First download the Mi Wifi Application or be able to personally Click Here

2. Once installed on the phone, you can create a Xiaomi account first using email that has been on your phone.

three. I assume you already have a Xiaomi account, then connect the phone wifi to its MiWifi Router 4C, and turn on Bluetooth and location.

4. Open the Mi Wifi Application, select the menu set up new router, choose the synchronous needs of friends, if you want to use it as a router then connect first the Lan cable to the Mi Wifi Router 4C, then choose Dinamic, Static or PPPoE, well if you want to make it into a Repeater then friends do not need to install a cable according to internet sources.

5 Next determine the SSID or wifi name that will be seen in the user’s pocket, and his wifi password. & remember give a check for set as router admin password & click Finish wait until the router reboots

6. The next step is to reconnect the phone to the wifi name that you just created and the password, if it has been connected, open the Mi Wifi Application again, and select Sign in, enter the Xiaomi account that you have created. oh yes for Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C which chinese version must use the Chinese mainland Region, if the Global version, is free to use any region. If it’s personal, click Sign in.

It’s easy enough guys, so… Dare nyoba no?

For those of you who want to change the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4c to the GLOBAL version, please check the following post:

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With a fairly affordable price of less than two hundred thousand, Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4c according to gw is highly recommended, considering its features are fairly complete.

Since this post was made I have created more than 10 units for PPPoE clients, and I am most happy, there is a Mi Wifi Application that can also be used to remot the router remotely, for example to replace the SSID or Password router in the client’s home.

The disadvantage is only the absence of holes to be glued to the wall, able to be replaced using a connective rope to both sides of the right and left antennas.

So long ago Review & How to Set Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C, hopefully it can be useful for friends who are still looking for a router or looking for how to set this type of router, if there are questions please doodle only in the comments field below, Greetings Success Always.

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