Microtic Tutorial: How to Install Mikrotik Router OS (VirtualBox)


-18 Jun 2021 • Read five minutes

Mikrotik Router OS is an error of one operating system that is commonly used to produce a personal computer as a Network Router. Mikrotik Router OS in addition to being known to be reliable, secure and stable in managing large-scale and mini networks, Mikrotik Router OS is also very easy to configure the Network, because it can be configured via CLI (Command Line Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) using Winbox. In this post we will install Mikrotik Router OS using VirtualBox. Preparation

The first step that must be prepared in installing mikrotik Router OS is to download the iso installer file. As knowledge mikrotik Router OS has several variants namely Long-term, Stable, Beta (Testing), and Development. In this tutorial we will install Mikrotik Router OS using the Long-term variant. Mikrotik Router OS Release Version – Source: https://mikrotik.com/download/archive

To further update the application and patch security modern version. I recommend if you want to use Mikrotik Router OS as a Router Operating System, you can use this Long-term version or at least the Stable Latest version. And don’t forget to make frequent system updates to get the latest application updates and Patch Security. So that later your Router is not on the anu people 🤭 Okay Continue…. Mikrotik Router OS Release Version – Source: https://mikrotik.com/download/archive

Because Mikrotik Router OS is also many variants of support processor architecture then if we want to install on a personal computer or virtual machine we can determine the x86 / 32-Bit architecture variant. At the time this tutorial was made the Long-term version of Mikrotik Router OS was 6.47.10. Make sure if you download the archive installer Mikrotik Router OS file extension .iso. System Requirement

System requirement hardware that we need to provide to install Mikrotik Router OS is very small, at least we must provide at least 32 MB of RAM & 64 MB Storage. System Requirement Mikrotik Router OS – Source: https://help.mikrotik.com/docs/display/ROS/Software+SpecificationsMembuat Virtual Machine

To start creating a virtual machine for Mikrotik Router OS we are able to use start using the New click way.

Name the virtual machine you want to create, then create Another Type and Version Other/Unknown.

Actually for memory as long as we have the same or exceeded based on the recommended system requirement is good, adjust to your needs here we will use 64 MB of RAM, but please note that Mikrotik Router OS can only read memory up to 2 GB only.

Now we make the dream hard drive for Mikrotik Router OS. Select Create a Virtual Hard disk now and then Create.

Select VDI type archive hard disk (VirtualBox Disk Image) and then Next.

For Storage on physical hard disk select Dynamically allocated only.

Then make the size of the Virtual Hard disk here optional depending on the needs of friends. Just so, it’s not less based on existing system requirements. If you have clicked Create.

Then the virtual machine for Mikrotik Router OS has been completed. Now we do the CD-ROM settings to enter the iso installer archive.

We input the ISO Installer File that we have downloaded before. Select Storage and then click the Optical Drive logo and then Choose an archive disk… to enter the ROS Microtic ISO File.

Find where you put the ISO file of mikrotik ROS installer. Then open.

The Virtual Machine setup process is complete. The next step is to start the process of installing Mikrotik Router OS. Click Start to start turning on virtual machine.

Then later will appear the installation prompt Mikrotik Router OS we can choose which packet / feature we need or can install the entire packet. Because this is the installation demo process and later we will use Mikrotik Router OS is a vehicle for learning & research then we install all packets only.

To install all the packets we simply press a then press i to install.

Because we want to do fresh install in option Do you want to keep old configuration? (y/n) we just choose n. Then there is a confirmation form to continue the installation process we choose y. The installation process will begin. The installation process is very fast…

If the installation process has been completed we are asked to reboot. But Previously do eject (issue THE ISO Installer File) first. Right-click on the CD-ROM icon and then select Remove disk from dream drive.

if there is a pop-up following select Force Unmount.

If it’s just we press enter on the keyboard to reboot the os.

Microtic Installation of Router OS Completed

To login into Mikrotik Console use the admin login name & password blank alias just enter only. Because by default after installing Mikrotik there is no password.

Until here we have completed the installation of Mikrotik Router OS on VirtualBox. Please note that this Router OS Microtic License is a 24-Hour trial. if after 24 HOURS Mikrotik Router OS has not been activated then later Mikrotik Router OS is not configurable. For the license Mikrotik Router OS can be purchased through the following link https://citraweb.com/produk.php?kategori=10. The price varies according to using its Level License.

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